10 Tips for Creating a Luxurious Bathroom

As part of our late Summer focus on the most relaxing room in the house (that’s the bathroom by the way), we bring you a fantastic guest post from top home and lifestyle blogger Mrs Rackley, who recently used our Doblo Light Grey, Broadway Pearl, and Look Pearl tiles to rejuvenate her en-suite bathroom space. Here she shares her top tips for creating a similar vibe in your own home…

Creating a space that you can unwind and feel relaxed in is so important after a long stressful day and adding a few special touches to your bathroom can create a blissful spa-like oasis that you can retreat to. With a few easy tips it also doesn’t have to be expensive to create that luxury look in your bathroom. Just watch all your stresses drift away…

Awaken Your Senses

One of the easiest ways to create the feel of a spa is with scented candles or diffusers; white tea, citrus and lemongrass scents usually invoke relaxation for me. Turn the lights down, light a soothing candle and close your eyes for instant peace.

Mood Lighting

Bathrooms tend to have very bright lighting, which is often necessary when getting ready but doesn’t promote a relaxing atmosphere; so when designing your bathroom add in independent softer lighting features such as led bathroom mirrors which create a glow or bathroom sconces on the wall. Candles are also great at creating soft occasional lighting in the bathroom.

Create a Backdrop

Deck your bathroom out with tiles that create an elegant backdrop; Tile Mountain’s Broadway Pearl tiles make a great feature wall and paired together with Look Pearl tiles on the other walls, they emulate the kind of décor you would find in a spa. Gloss finished tiles are perfect for creating an ambient glow!

Use Calming Tones

The right colour scheme can transform your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary. Choose calming creams, beiges, greys or pastels to create a relaxing space. These tones also reflect light better making your bathroom feel bigger, brighter and airier.

Invest in a Luxury Shower or Bath

If you’re going to splurge on anything in your bathroom invest in a rainfall shower, a whirlpool bath or a freestanding bath for added luxury. These will have the biggest impact on your relaxation space.

Make Space for a Bathroom TV or Speakers

Bathroom TVs, bathroom speakers or even temporarily mounting your iPad above the bath will add to your luxury experience; nothing beats soaking in the bath with

your favourite TV programme or music in the background.  

Use Pretty Jars to Store Necessities

Apothecary jars, mercury jars or clear jars are great for storing mundane items like cotton wool, cotton buds or bath salts. Layer them in jars to create functional focal pieces.

Add a Bath Tray

Bath trays come in many different formats these days, from a plain slab made for holding candles to those with iPad holding grooves to trays with cutouts for a chilled glass of something sparkling to sit in. Add a bath tray that suits your décor and has functions that suit your relaxation style for a touch of luxury.  

Shop Around for Bath Foams and Oils

Build a small collection of bath foams and oils that can be used for a bubble bath or a sensual shower experience. There are so many different types of bath and shower products on the market so shop around to find the ones that will soothe your body and mind.  

Wrap Up in Fluffy Towels

Last but not least, you’ll want to end your relaxing bath or shower by wrapping up in the softest, cosiest towels you can find! Towels are a great way of adding texture to your bathroom and can also easily be changed depending on your colour preference or mood.

Hopefully these tips will come in quite handy if you’re planning a bathroom makeover of your own. If that sounds like you, then why not take a closer look at our extensive bathroom tile range and check out some of the articles below for some bathroom renovation inspiration?

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