How to Create a Romantic Bathroom

It’s very easy to resort to cliches when it comes to romance; heart-shaped boxes filled with powdery chocolates, stuffed teddies with ‘I Wuv You’ emblazoned on little red vests, red roses with prices three times what they would be any other time of year. Truthfully, for most of us over the age of 16, these things rarely get our real hearts racing. We know that romance is not necessarily created by commercially approved flowers and chocolates but by atmosphere and ambience.

A beautifully created space where thought and attention have been poured is what can set pulses racing and creating the perfect romantic setting doesn’t mean having to spend a lot of money.

As we enjoy the most romantic day of the year, I’m sharing my tips to create a romantic bathroom – for your loved one, for both of you, or even just for yourself (who says you can’t spoil yourself today?). Incorporating a few of these suggestions will create the kind of atmosphere that just cries out for a little romance – whether that’s on Valentine’s Day or any day you want to show your partner a bit of extra attention.

Think Pink

Kate Moss Pink Bubble bath

Kate Moss at the Ritz Paris / Photo by Tim Walker and styled by Grace Cottington for Vogue April 2012 / via Trendland

Move away from red (which, let’s just admit can be a bit garish) and consider instead pink – and in particular, pink bubbles! Who can forget Tim Walker’s iconic Vogue shoot with Kate Moss back in 2012 to really set the scene? If you can’t manage whisking your loved one to The Ritz this Valentine’s Day, fear not. Try one of Lush’s luxurious bath bombs to create the mood instead.

Bring in Candles

In order to create a romantic atmosphere, candles are almost non-negotiable. Turn off your normal bathroom lights and bask in the glow of firelight instead. Candlelight is universally flattering, creates intimacy and envokes a feeling of calm. Dot votives around the rim of the bathtub or on the sides of the tub for the ultimate in romance.

Beautiful Blooms

I would happily encourage you to ignore those huge bouquets of wildly overpriced red roses and instead consider flowers in other varieties that work with a softer colour scheme. From peaches to pinks, to lilacs and white flowers mixed with some soft greenery as filler, thinking outside of the box or choosing your other half’s favourite blooms will create a far more romantic atmosphere than tired cliches.

Add Touchable Textures

Upon exiting the bath, make sure you have some wonderful high-quality towels set aside and perhaps a cosy clean bathrobe to wrap yourselves up. High-quality fabrics should feel good against the skin and never scratchy, so upgrade your linens to something worthy of the occasion!

The Olfactory Factor

The power of an intoxicating scent should never be underestimated. The smell of stale laundry waiting for its cycle or the cat litter tray tucked inside the doorway will spoil a romantic mood. Clear out from the space anything that’s a bit whiffy and bring in some lightly scented candles, room spray, incense, or fragrance diffusers – all of which will lift the mood and add a lovely feel-good fragrance.

Switch on the Music

Finally, we all know that music holds the power to change our moods and you can add to that romantic feeling by choosing your music wisely. Stay away from anything too upbeat or loud – you want to be able to float away on the melodies rather than tapping your foot along with the beat. While you certainly don’t have to put on Barry White, consider a playlist of soft romantic tunes. My particular favourites? Try Agnes Opel, London Grammar, or Ben Howard, or look out for romantic playlists on Spotify.

Now all that’s left is to set out a lovely glass or two of wine or champagne and enjoy! How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?


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