Easy Half Term DIY Projects to Tackle

If you’re reading this blog, then chances are you’re not completely adverse to a spot of DIY. Am I right? You’ve probably already tackled the kitchen and bathroom tiles, painted all the walls and sanded every bit of wood flooring. So what now? DIY is clearly easier in summer when it’s warm outside and we can open all the windows. At this time of the year, things are sometimes getting a little trickier – especially if you tend to get as cold as easily as I do. With half term coming up, however, there’s no excuse not to tackle a few more projects. No, I’m not talking about whole room makeovers, I’m talking about small projects for your home.

Peg Board

You know, those things that can be achieved in around a day or – if you like to really take your time – within the half term week and that will add something special to your home. Small things to make you smile and that are practical. Like this peg board for your hallway. Perfect if you have a narrow hallway but need somewhere to store keys, bags, a hat and also want a little decoration in a modern way. By the way, just click on the image sources at the end of the post to see each tutorial.

Magazine Holder

If you’re anything like me, you might have looked for ‘the one’ for ages and simply cannot find one that really fits the bill. I am of course talking about a magazine rack to stand next to my sofa, and no, I don’t know what you were thinking. They’re never quite right and often have a bit of a dowdy feel to them. Then I found this one and really liked it. Made from wood, copper and felt, it has the right mix of cosy and industrial and looks perfect to hold the few magazines you’re currently reading.

Flower Garland

Of course not all DIY has to be practical. Sometimes it’s as much about the actual process of having fun with your DIY as it is about the result. And when the result is as pretty as this, who wouldn’t have fun? A flower garland might be exactly what’s needed when the summer flowers have gone and is a lovely project to tackle on rainy days.

Sink Legs

Looking to add a little glam to your bathroom? Well, how about this fab idea? Add some gold (you could also go for brass or copper) legs to your sink to give it a touch of old fashioned Hollywood glamour. Add a few matching accessories to complement the look and your bathroom might just suddenly turn into your favourite room!

Concrete Stool

If you fancy something really different and like the industrial look, then how about this concrete top stool? Yes, a stool with a concrete top that you can make yourself and that is guaranteed to give a sturdy resting place to anything you might want to place on it. I probably wouldn’t place it in a kid’s room, but it’d certainly make a great talking point in your living room…

I hope these DIYs give you some ideas for your half term break. Unless of course you’re off to the Med, in which case I’ll be very jealous about the sunshine you will enjoy.

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Originally from Paris, Carole previously lived in Germany and settled in London in 2009. Initially aspiring to become an interior designer, Carole soon discovered that she hated drawing floor plans, but loved putting the finishing touches in after the main build was done. Since then, she’s never looked back and has eked out a career as an in-demand interiors stylist here in the UK.