How to Create an Oscar Winning Bathroom!

Of course, we watch the Oscars to see which films, actors and the like have been deemed best by ‘The Academy’ – an illustrious panel of experts. But, let’s be honest here – the real spectacle is in the glamour. We sit with our noses pressed against the proverbial glass to catch a glimpse of our favourite stars as they gallivant on a red carpet and sip champagne in a swanky venue and wonder what it must be like to live in such luxury.

kate moss tim walker vogue pink bubblebath

Today I thought it might be fun to take that glamour home with us. To create a dwelling that is simply made for our own pampering, to feel like a star when we are in it. Oh yes, the humble bathroom can indeed be a little taste of luxury and today, I’m going to share with you a few ways to get that Oscar-winning combination of good looks, good taste and a high-end look in your own private oasis, no gold statue required – or even pink bubbles à la Tim Walker for that matter.

Of course, if you want to take inspiration from the gleaming gold award itself, why not consider a gold bathroom? Using metallic wallpaper and gold fixtures, you’ll have a bathroom fit for any star. This is an over-the-top look, of course, but isn’t the Oscars really all about excess? It’s easy to have a bit of fun in the smallest room in the house as you don’t spend an extraordinary amount of time in there so you won’t easily tire of it as you might in the more common areas of the home.

gold wallpaper bathroom

That OTT look is not for everyone of course so for a more subtle approach, consider pale grey units and a patterned grey herringbone layout for the flooring. The touches of gold here add a quietly elegant contrast to the cool tones and create a balance with symmetry.

Grey bathroom with herringbone pattern flooring

For a more traditional look, then nothing beats the elegance of a claw-foot freestanding tub. Consider pulling in other elements that aren’t normally found in a bathroom for a real taste of luxury – a sparkling chandelier, large plants and rich paint colours go far to create a room that looks more like a living area, seamless with the rest of the home. Wood effect flooring can create a gorgeous look like this without the worry of upkeep.

wallpaper bathroom with clawfoot tub

If your tastes tend towards a more rustic aesthetic, then consider creating a textural masterpiece with beautiful fixtures and fittings in a mix of finishes. This collected approach brings with it an easy elegance and utilises a large mirror you might normally find above a mantle rather than in a bathroom. Consider pulling shapes and styles from the rest of your home to give your bathroom a unique edge. A copper free-standing tub doesn’t hurt either!

Malin Persson - rustic glamorous bathroom

For a more contemporary look, consider using eye-catching statement tiles that are sure to draw attention. Combined with accents in wood and brass, this is a look for any budding star. Check out our Doblo Cube Mosaic tiles for a similar look.

geometric tiles with double sink

Of course, if you have an A-lister bank account, then perhaps you can really go all out with a totally luxurious bathroom with all the finest materials including this diamond effect tub from Maison Valentina, complete with a gold champagne bucket to celebrate your glamorous life. Well, we can all dream, can’t we?


For a similar elegant marble flooring look without the hefty price tag, consider easy-to-care-for Marble effect porcelain like our Calacatta Marble Floor Tile.

So those are just a few ways you can get an Oscar-worthy bathroom! How do you bring glamour into your bathroom? I’d love to hear from you!

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