How to Keep Guests Entertained Over the Festive Season

Christmas can be as wonderful as it can be stressful and it can be particularly difficult if you’re the host. Let’s face it, we all put an immense amount of pressure on ourselves to host the perfect party at any time of the year, but at Christmas that pressure just multiplies. Whether we’re celebrating in a very small circle or with a large group of extended family, we naturally want the day to go as smoothly and happily as possible. Getting all the timings right for the food is hard enough, but then we start to worry about entertaining our guests as we don’t want anybody to feel like they’ve made the wrong decision coming to our house.

Baked Alaska

Chances are that you will have a ‘mixed bag’ of guests which might include small children and teenagers, grumpy relatives and the Christmas crazy ones, overly critical family members and easy-going ones – the list could go on. It is then a particular challenge to find ways to at least keep everybody content as it won’t always be possible to make everybody 100% happy. So, I’ve tried to find a few ways in which you can hopefully keep everybody entertained.

Starting with the food then, how about something that will bring a bit of a wow-factor to the end of the big meal. You know, something that is just a bit different from the traditional Christmas pudding but just as (if not actually more) festive. This Christmas Baked Alaska complete with sparklers on top should do the trick and get people talking.

Christmas Bingo

Games are always a favourite but can also be a little tricky. Classics re-invented for Christmas are a fun idea with Christmas Bingo surely being suitable for the more mature family members and Christmas Charades guaranteed to liven up the party and have everybody involved laughing.

Christmas Charades

If nobody is too keen on actual games, but you feel the conversation at the table could be getting a little slow (and what host doesn’t know that sinking feeling!) then how about making your own Christmas crackers. That in itself might not quite do it, but whilst you’re at it, instead of filling them with silly jokes, why not fill them with fun conversation topics or questions for your guest (leave out politics and religion)! You might find that everybody is suddenly so engrossed in the conversations that there’s no need to worry about any further entertainment.

Christmas Crackers

After all the food and drink – and provided it’s a dry day – going for a walk will help to clear heads and provide some vital movement. That doesn’t mean everybody has to wander down the local high street though, take a peek at this site for some tips on beautiful Christmas walks.


Should all else fail and everybody is simply too tired to move, then make sure you have at least a few Christmas movies to hand. After all, there shouldn’t be any pressure to actively pursue a certain program or agenda and if everybody just wants to relax and watch a film, then that’s ok, too.

Christmas Movies

I hope these tips will help you out at least a little and take a tiny bit of the pressure off.

Wishing you all a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

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