Metro Wall Tiles that AREN’T White!

Of course we all love the simplicity of a beautiful white metro tile. They have been used the world over in every kind of property – from the smallest country cottage to huge million pound mansions, from industrial-style warehouse lofts to sprawling architectural commercial spaces. With all of these different applications, there’s no doubt white metro tiles are incredibly popular. But what if you are looking for a bit of a twist on the old classic? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

While white tiles are loved for their classic good looks, metro tiles actually come in a myriad of different colours. And those colours can create a unique look that’s all your own that hasn’t been done a million times before. So if you are considering metro tiles for your next project, why not consider a colour other than white?

Here are a few other options you might want to consider…

Black Metro Tiles

black metro tiles

A gorgeous black tile will look great as a backdrop to any space. Against the colour black, objects and colours tend to pop, creating an exciting look that can be glamorous, mysterious and high contrast. Combine with white for a trendy monochrome scheme, or consider a more masculine look in combination with dark greys, wood and stone accents.

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Cream Metro Tiles

cream metro tiles

Perfect for the country look, this provides a much softer feel than stark white and gives a room a bit of a traditional look. Add in lots of natural textures and finishes like rattan, wood and stone for a warm and welcoming effect.

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Sage Metro Tiles

sage metro tiles

One of my favourites, greens are a big trend and only looking to get more popular in interiors. Stay ahead of the curve with a beautiful soft blue-y green that will look fantastic with touches of wood and natural finishes. Add some plant life to give the space even more of an organic touch.

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Plum Metro Tiles

plum metro tiles

If you’re looking for a bold shot of colour for your next project, why not consider plum tiles? This beautiful regal shade works perfectly paired with bright white and warm metallics for an unusual look that’s sure to be a head-turner.

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Grey Metro Tiles

grey metro tiles

There’s no doubt that grey has been one of the most popular colours used in interior design over the last few years. If you are looking for a colour that simply works with any other colour and looks just as beautiful paired with warm neutrals as it does with vivid hues, then either light grey or dark grey can be your perfect neutral.

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Red metro tiles

red metro tiles

Because red has the shortest wavelength our eyes can pick up, it is the colour that catches our attention first (why do you think stop lights are red?). So if you are looking for something that grabs your attention, then red metro tiles can be just the thing for your kitchen or bathroom. This bold hue is not for the faint of heart but if you are looking for something especially bold and you’re feeling brave, then why not choose red?

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Lime Green Metro Tiles

lime green metro tiles

Bring a little of the outdoors in with the colour that always reminds us of Spring. Lime green is a wonderful citrus hue that always looks fresh and clean and can create a wonderful backdrop to a kitchen or bathroom. Consider bringing in other citrus brights like yellow and orange for a fresh new look that always exudes the sunshine, no matter what the weather.

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Burgundy Metro Tiles

burgundy metro tiles

For another twist on traditional red, consider it’s darker cousin burgundy. This rich and warm hue will bring an elegant look to any space and won’t quickly date. Combine it with cream or white to offset the darkness or consider adding the warmth of gold hues to create a Victorian-inspired look, rich with history.

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So as you can see, there are so many more colours of metro tiles than you could have hoped, suitable for just about any style. Why not check out our full range of metro tiles and receive your free cut sample to compare the different hues we carry?

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