Polished Porcelain Style

When choosing tiles for your home, a lot will of course depend on your overall style. Whether you prefer the rustic look or the natural one, there are tiles on offer that are perfect for you. The same does of course go for the ones amongst you who like a more elegant and high-end look. A beautifully polished and glossy floor will give a room a more elegant look than a rustic, natural stone finish. So, if this is the look you’re after, then polished porcelain is the perfect choice for you.


Polished porcelain adds a touch of luxury to a room and its mirror-like sheen reflects light back into the room which make them a great choice for smaller spaces even when using dark tiles. It’s a common misconception that we should always use bright colours or whites in rooms with little light, dark colours can have a fantastic and dramatic effect and the high gloss of polished porcelain will bounce that much needed light back.

Doblo Grey 60x60

The Doblo tiles are a beautiful example of the glossy look polished porcelain can be used to enhance the light in your bathroom (or kitchen for that matter) and they also look amazing when combined with matt tiles.


Porcelain is much tougher than ceramic as it is made from clay dust that is fired to a very high temperature which makes them water-resistant, scratch-resistant and hard to break. The toughness of these tiles is one of the reasons why they get used in public spaces like airports and shopping centres. This also means that when used in our homes they will withstand pretty much all abuse you can throw at them (literally and figuratively speaking) and come out still looking shiny and pristine.


It’s this durability (which is down to the high density) that also means they’re ideal for bathrooms where a lot of water is of course an issue as well as kitchens where the odd bit of tomato sauce might get spilled. Porcelain won’t absorb water (or tomato sauce) which means that even a light colour like this one from the Lounge series will remain unstained and damage free.

25x70 Lounge Crema

The colour of porcelain tiles goes right through the entire tile (ceramic tiles tend to have the colour sitting on top) which means they won’t fade over time. They also have sharper edges when cut which means the grout lines can be narrower and less pronounced and this in turn provides a more uniform look especially when laid in large rooms.

House to Home

Porcelain tiles can be more tricky to lay than ceramic ones and in order to achieve the high-end finish that these tiles are destined for, it is advisable to have an expert on hand to lay them. Due to their density, cutting them can be tricky and will usually have to be done with a specialist wet saw.

Sense Light Grey01

Once laid though, these tiles will give you many, many years of unchanged elegance, a durable and beautiful floor or wall and, if you choose one of the classics like these Sensestone tiles, a look that won’t fade or date.


I hope this post is helpful and will provide some guidance when choosing the tiles for your home.

Image Credit: 6, all other Tile Mountain

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