Quick and Easy Styling for New Home Owners

If you’ve recently moved house, you’ll know the entire process is a stressful but incredibly rewarding experience. The last few months just to get the keys to your new home is now behind you, you’re all moved in, and you’re no longer surrounded by boxes – congratulations! But making a house into a home can be a long process. Where do you even begin?

There are some easy styling solutions you can make to ensure your new home feels lived in and loved right away, all without having to spend a huge amount of money redecorating. That, of course, can come later. But these quick styling tips will go a long way to making you feel settled into your new home right away.

Fill Those Blank Walls

While choosing art can be a daunting prospect, there’s nothing wrong with getting a few inexpensive mass-produced prints to hang on the walls. I’d recommend going for larger sizes here. Desenio is a great source for inexpensive artwork and they stock larger sizes as well, making it all the more easier to fill your walls! They also have great inspiration for pairing artwork or even creating gallery walls (plus, you can buy the frames that fit the prints at the same time).

Layer Your Textures

There’s no better way to add a bit of cosiness to any home than with warm and tactile textures. Bring in a few warm throws for the sofa and a few cushions and make sure you add the same for your bedroom. Then, look to see where else you can add texture to the space. Perhaps a woven basket filled with magazines by a favourite armchair? Or maybe some inexpensive bamboo blinds for the windows in the kitchen, the only limit is your imagination! Soften these with other textiles like curtains at the window or with a soft rug underfoot.

All these additions will add warmth to a room to keep it from looking too cold or impersonal and make your surroundings all the more inviting.

Add Some Plants

Not only are plants good for your health – cleaning and filtering the air you breathe – but they also add life to a room. So bring in a few houseplants and layer them around a sunny window or dot some small succulents on bookshelves or windowsills. Hang trailing plants from the ceiling or consider investing in a large leafy specimen for an empty corner of a room.

Don’t underestimate the importance that light plays in the way a room feels either. A single hanging fixture in the centre of the room should not be the only light source in a room. Create warmth and interest by using multiple light fittings in your roomscapes. Use a floor lamp near an armchair or a pair of matching table lamps on a sideboard or console table to create small pools of light in the evenings. Use wall lights to highlight alcoves or directional lights which highlight and draw the eye for things like artwork or plants.

Add Your Personality

And finally, bear in mind that not everything in your styling needs to be specifically for that purpose. It’s always a good idea to use things you love and that reflect your hobbies or interests within a space to make it your own. That huge collection of vinyl could look perfect stacked neatly in a magazine rack, or the vintage cameras you collect could make a wonderful accessory for your bookshelves. Pieces picked up from your travels will also look great incorporated into your space and create an eclectic look, adding more layers of life to your styling. Even things like costume jewellery or old apothecary bottles can be used to style your bathroom or bedroom. Think outside the box for a more creative way to express yourself and your home.


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