Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

When planning your bathroom project, it’s important to incorporate as much storage as is reasonable for how you want to use your space. Of course, we’d all love to have massive spaces with a roll top bath and a separate walk in shower (or is that just me?) but sometimes, our homes just won’t allow for the luxury of extra square metres so we have to work with what we have!

When we remodelled our bathroom a couple of years ago, one of the main concerns I had was how to fit as much storage as I could in a tiny space. Whilst the original pedestal sink kept things looking a bit more airy, I ended up cluttering the area under it with baskets to hold all my typical bathroom things – additional toilet roll, shampoo bottles, cleaning supplies. The tiny medicine cabinet was also completely insufficient with some tiny shelves that only seemed to accommodate travel sized bottles and a door which never shut properly. It didn’t look particularly attractive and that ‘airy look’ was gone.

We ended up replacing the pedestal sink with some much needed under-sink storage. The sink unit incorporates a counter top basin and wall mounted tap that doesn’t infringe on the space inside the unit which we use to house cleaning supplies and toiletries.

Swoon Worthy bathroom remodel

I also found a very slim storage unit that I squeezed in between the tub and the radiator. It’s height makes it perfect to store some additional toiletries and towels and on the bottom, there’s a cupboard which houses our bin and toilet roll. There are plenty of smaller bathroom fixtures on the market too to maximise whatever space you have.

Swoon Worthy bathroom storage

Looking at some other smaller bathrooms, you can discover  some more spots to create more storage. Here a fully functioning and very stylish bathroom has been squeezed under the eaves. You’ll notice a petite unit under the sink and some clever recesses that were built into the wall to allow for bath products within easy reach.

The Pink House bathroom

They’ve also incorporated a radiator that acts as a towel warmer and used wall mounted fixtures to create the illusion of space. All clever uses of space that can be incorporated into nearly any bathroom, no matter what the size.


In the vintage style bathroom above, shelves were placed in the dead space above the bathtub. With a shower head on the opposite wall, there’s no reason to ignore this area for storage. They’ve also incorporated a bit of additional storage with a cute stool and basket – perfect for propping next to the bath to hold a glass of wine!

contemporary bathroom with incorporated storage

In this contemporary bathroom, a long shelf across the windowsill allows for a wall hung toilet but also provides clever storage and display. The wall recesses built above the tub provides some additional storage too. A floating shelf makes a great spot for towels as does a wall hung radiator. These simple touches maximise every bit of space in this tiny bathroom!

over toilet shelving

Storage doesn’t have to be boring either! I adore this DIY solution for utilising the space above a toilet. Rope and some painted shelving create useful storage and display space for towels, toiletries and plants whilst providing an eye-catching and unusual statement in the bathroom. You’ll also notice a woven basket squeezed between the toilet and tub to provide a textural accent as well as an additional spot to hold extra toilet rolls.


As you can see, any wall space can incorporate a bit of storage with another example of floating shelves. The lucite stool is handy as well for holding additional items but doesn’t take up a lot of visual space in this small bathroom.

I hope these examples have inspired you to squeeze some additional storage into your next bathroom project! How do you make the most of your own space? I’d love to hear from you in the comments or share your tips by tagging us on Twitter @TileMountain1 !

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