Five Summer Trends You Need for Your Home in 2017

While our homes were full of velvet and texture for winter, in the summer of 2017, things are considerably lighter and fresher as we move into the warmest months of the year. I’ve had a look at some of the biggest trends in homes both by designers and on the high street and have found that happily, you won’t have to worry about an entire overhaul to incorporate these fun, chic, and inspiring trends into your home decor.

Green with Envy

Green is the new indigo which was the new grey (which was the new black) back in… wait, I’ve lost track now. Regardless, there’s little doubt that green is the newest darling of the interior design world with Pantone announcing Greenery as its Colour of the Year 2016. While the bright spring green may not be your first choice to splash on your walls, you might want to consider some alternatives which are just as popular (if not more so) than Pantone’s choice. Think olive greens, deep emerald, khaki, and earthy shades perfect for a subtle pop with warm neutrals.

Bohemian Rhapsody

2017 has been the year of pattern and incorporating a mix of patterns in your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or conservatory is the perfect backdrop to a fun bohemian-style look. Moroccan and encaustic tiles are still going strong and these mix well with natural textures, artisanal objects, and plenty of houseplants. This relaxed style mixes prints and textiles from North Africa, India, South America, and Mexico for a joyful laid-back look this summer. Check out our Marrakech range of tiles to get this look.

Gold Minegold tap and sinkLastly, if you are still decorating with cool chromes and silvers, you might want to reconsider if you left your style back in the early 2000s. Today’s metals are warm and reflective, with gold and brass leaving copper behind as the biggest metallic of the year. Combining beautifully with other finishes like marble, natural wood, concrete and steel, the glamorous touch can be incorporated through a few simple accessories to let the light shine in.

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As a multi-award winning interior design content creator, Kimberly Duran is an Interior Design-obsessed American ex-pat, who chronicles her decorating journey and dispenses interior design advice in her personal blog, Swoon Worthy. When she’s not helplessly drooling over all the latest trends in design, she’s adding things to the imaginary ‘shopping basket’ in her head, she likes to get messy tackling DIY projects with her partner in crime, Wayne, stalking eBay for vintage bargains and filling her home with her favourite neutral – gold.