Trend Watch: Square Tiles

So often we watch items fall into favour and back out again, the ebbs and flows of trends being such that over time, the things we once loved are now seen as terribly out of touch with what’s new and what’s now. Avocado suites, carpeting in the bathroom, and asbestos-ridden drop ceilings we have happily kicked to the kerb, rarely seen except with nostalgia wondering, ‘what on earth were we thinking?!’.

However, there is one style of tile that has resisted the urge to fall out of fashion for over a century. So is it a trend or is it a classic? Square tiles, I’m convinced, are a bit of both. Here’s how to use them in their most classic form as well as creating a look that’s thoroughly on trend.

Why Square Tiles?

The simplest of tiles needs no real introduction. We’ve all seen them and there’s a good chance we’ve had them in our own bathrooms at some point in time. In fact, in my own bathroom, the simplest of white gloss square tiles created the easiest backdrop for me to work with. We only moved in a few months ago and while in time, we intend to fully update the space, I was thrilled that an inexpensive classic tile made it so easy to live with for now. A bit of paint, some plants and accessories meant a renovation could certainly wait.

Square tiles tend to be part of every budget range out there and the simpler the tile, the cheaper it will be. While a plain white tile with corresponding grout is a great way to get a fresh and simple look for your own renovation, there are plenty of ways to make square budget tiles come to life.

How to Lay Square Tiles

I visited the Wanås Hotel in Sweden last year and the hotel’s design takes its cues from the simple Scandi style that has become so popular today. Whilst a plain white tile could have been used in the bathroom, this soft caramel colour laid in a staggered brick formation gave it an updated look when combined with black grout and gleaming chrome fixtures.

There’s no wrong way to lay square tiles – either in a contemporary grid formation, staggered brickbond like above, or in a creative diamond layout, a unique look is easy to create.

Square Tiles with Coloured Grout

Another way to bring a plain budget square tile to life is by using different colours of grout. In the bathroom above, this neon yellow may have been too vivid for a kitchen but in a small bathroom, it creates a fun take on a classic design.

We stock a huge range of different coloured anti-mould grout to update any tile, but we think it looks most effective when paired with a simple tile.

Grid Look with Square Tiles

Want your design to make a real impact? Get creative with smaller square tiles as Eleni Pysllak of My Paradissi did with this stunning Scandinavian design bathroom. Here she chose black grout to create a grid effect throughout the large space, resulting in a simple design with huge impact. Combined with black hardware, the look is refined and elegant with plenty of wow-factor.

Colourful Square Tiles

You could also choose to use a single colour from floor to ceiling for maximum impact. Who could forget 2LG Studio’s stunning pink bathroom makeover using a plain pink tile and white grout on every surface? You can maximise the grid look without overwhelming the senses with pastel hues which will give you plenty of bang for your buck. Choose white fixtures and fittings in traditional shapes to soften the hard lines and create a look that gives you the best of the past and the present.

Looking for tiles for your next project? Check out our huge range of tiles at budget-busting prices for creative looks at rock bottom prices.


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