Trend Watch: Subtle Style for Kitchens and Bathrooms

As you may have noticed, we love featuring bright colours and bold ideas, so for this month’s Trend Watch we thought we would take a slightly more subtle approach and bring you up to speed with a slew of beautifully calm schemes, colourways and ideas which are the epitome of subtle style. And relax ….

Discreet Design

Subtle style doesn’t necessarily mean plain and boring – it’s a trend concept that will stand the test of time, and indeed, that’s why many people choose it. It may be that they want a subtle look throughout their home, to act as a discreet background to a vibrant painting or artwork. Or perhaps the angle is to keep everything subtle and luxuriate in calm and peaceful surroundings. Bathrooms are often the target for subtle style, as they tend to be designed as a retreat or sanctuary from the chaos of everyday life (whether we’re in lockdown or not!). So, with that in mind, we bring you our Yosemite Split Face Grey Wall Tiles, which tick the boxes relevant to subtle shading, but by their split-face design, have a high element of style. Paired here with plain Yosemite Grey wall and floor tiles, they underline a beautiful sense of style and subtlety in this bathroom.

Creature Comforts

A subtly stylish bathroom can include some very discreet technology, and one particular innovation which may be worth adding to your new bathroom wish-list is a TOTO Shower Toilet from CP Hart. These clever additions have actually been around for forty years; this Japanese brand uses state of the art designs which are constantly being improved and evolving to create products that modernise the contemporary bathroom. Hygiene, cleanliness, and comfort have never been more important, so if you like the idea of upgrading your bathroom, the WASHLET toilet-bidet is worth investigating! Functions include water cleaning, warm-air-drying, air purification and self-flushing. Water flow can be controlled remotely, and there’s also an energy-saving mode.

Understated Elegance

We’re entranced by the updates to the Luv series of designs from Duravit. Nordic style is now a firm fixture in bathroom interior design. Created specifically for Duravit by Danish designer Cecile Manz, her minimalist design language invokes the Scandinavian concept of living with a sense of wellbeing. Subtle use of carefully conceived materials appeal to the sense of touch and emphasises the gentle forms and strict geometry of the Luv range. Perfectly harmonized colour combinations help complete the overall picture.

These themes are perfectly encapsulated in the new furniture colour Almond Satin Matt; The warm yet restrained effect opens up a wide range of design options. The interplay of light colours and natural shades in green or grey creates sharp contrasts. The washing area can be tuned to individual tastes with one of the four different console surfaces, made from quartz or solid wood. Combined with soft earth tones, they create a calm interior which exudes understated elegance.

Basins & Baths

The Luv series includes tubs, as well as the basins shown above, which are an eye-catching choice for any bathroom, whether as a freestanding model for positioning anywhere in the room, or a back-to-wall or corner version with an optional discreetly integrated air whirl system. Mirroring the shape of the wash bowls, their sophisticated aesthetic is a perfect accompaniment to the overall look of the series.

Subtly Glamorous

A low-key bathroom scheme can still embrace glamorous touches – such as the Illustrious Floor Mounted Bath Shower Mixer by Swadling Brassware. Adding luxury brassware to an otherwise simple scheme is a key element of understated style. For a similar flooring look, try our Country Nut Porcelain tiles which are designed to replicate authentic hardwood flooring planks.

Maximum Style

A kitchen that exudes subtle style should embrace simple symmetry and geometric lines. The trend for faux walls to accommodate integrated appliances and keep sight lines straight and uncluttered is admirable, and keeps the entire space streamlined and elegant. Some of the best ideas for this look are from the latest range of HI-MACS Aurora Colours. The collection is inspired by the colours of the Aurora Borealis, with some colours having a semi-translucent element. The material is non-porous and can be thermo-formed to create seamless surfaces that can encompasses sweeping curves or retain poker-straight lines for super-contemporary style.

A Mix of Old & New

This subtle mix of old and new elements within a single understated scheme is a great success; sleek and contemporary integrated and built in appliances don’t detract from classic cabinetry. And modern splashback panels work with elegant cornices and traditional proportions.

Lighting Up Time

Three of our favourite lights that tick the ‘understated style’ box. From left; Hol Opal Glass Sphere ceiling pendant with Satin Brass trim; Metro Iridescent Glass Sphere table lamp in Nickel & Grey finish; Petro Iridescent Glass ceiling pendant with Nickel finish, all are from BHS.

Quiet Country Style

Subtle and/or understated style doesn’t automatically have to mean ‘contemporary’ style. Many traditional rooms have a very definite sense of subtle and understated style – a timeless sense of elegance that may be a brand new kitchen or bathroom, or it could have been in place for years, gradually evolving with each re-vamp or small improvement. This country kitchen is by Brayer Design, with many design features illustrating that sense of understated English Country style perfectly.

Keeping it Simple

Keep your kitchen style simple and sophisticated at the same time cabinet with choices from Rational. Unadorned cabinetry literally has a timeless look, with little or no detail to pinpoint a fashion fad. Include interesting features such as triple bar pendants, individual pendants or a striking suspended extractor to liven up an understated scheme. Try our Regale Cream Matt porcelain floor tiles for a similar look.

And Finally…

For this instrumental of Trend Watch we just had to include a closer look at one of our new mosaic additions to our range! Comet Rose square stone, glass and metallic mosaics are a perfect subtle addition to a new kitchen or bathroom scheme and also come in Grey and White colourways.

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