Ultimate Combinations: Quirky Shapes, Focus Colours & Straight Lines

This month’s instalment of Ultimate Combinations sees us taking a look at some interesting shapes – not just tiles, but for design details too, including rugs and lights. Contrasting shapes, colours and ideas are essential for a design scheme that will be interesting and creative. By all means, create a subtle surrounding scheme for walls and floors, but throw in a combination of focus colours and shapes for maximum impact. Read on to find out how…

Shape Up!

At first glance our Scale Boho White Wall & Floor tiles may look quite subtle, but on close inspection there are quite a lot of colours going on, which means these intricate tiles could be teamed with a number of other tones – from greys to shades of white, blue, tan and beige. Matching up these tiles and tons in such a way in turn provides an interesting backdrop to stronger colours for accessories – try bronze or black for fittings and the severe straight lines of wall hung cabinetry to finish off the scheme.

On The Edge 

Our pale Kromatika Mint Wall & Floor tiles make quite an impact here, colour-wise, despite the soft shade, and makes a striking contrast/combination with white walls and furniture alongside some carefully chosen black fittings. And of course, that staggered top edge for the wall tiles is a fabulous finish – avoiding the task of tile cutting too. Genius.

All the Colours in the World

This colourful print fulfils two of our criteria this time – the colourful and the quirky shapes. Random patterns and bold colours are a great addition to your interior schemes – pick a colour to focus on or let the print speak for itself against a pale neutral background. This is the Orange Geometric Stained Glass Art Print from Claude & Leighton, which rather usefully, can be hung horizontally or vertically.  We kind of think this would look fabulous in a room adjoining a bathroom using our Kromatika Green Wall Tiles (as seen above!)

Straight Lines, Interesting Shapes

Is it a light? A sculpture? Well, the 5 Light Pendant in Black by Dar Lighting is both, and makes a dramatic statement positioned above a dining table or island. Ticking off two of our Ultimate Combinations boxes – shapes and straight lines. An investment buy that will add drama to an interior for many years to come.

A Smaller Scale

Here are our Scale Boho Grey Wall & Floor tiles in close-up. They an be laid directionally, depending upon which way you want the ‘scales’ to point, and can also be used to create a curved edge for splash backs above a sink or alternatively, a curvy vertical edge to a tall wall panel of tiles. Best of all though, these intriguing tiles don’t require any intricate grouting as the individual scales are all interconnected in one solid tile.

Shapes, Colours & Straight Lines

This sounds as if it shouldn’t work – but of course, it does. Multi-coloured tiles in intricate shapes with a vintage finish teamed up with modern, sleek, open shelves. A combination of elements that works perfectly. These are our popular Riga Patchwork wall and floor tiles, which as with our Scale Boho range, can be installed to fill a wall or used to create a wavy edge. Each tile is designed to look like four differently patterned smaller tiles, has an overall measurement of 450mm x 450mm, and each box features a random selection of 8 surface patterns from the 32 available.

Shapes & Shades 

Mix shapes, colours and straight lines with an imaginative combination of textures and materials – such as a rug or carpet in an unexpected colour combination – teamed with a matching tile in the kitchen/bathroom/cloakroom. Design Tip: Choose a vivid colour and dot it around the house in different rooms to anchor your colour scheme throughout. Shown here, left: Jellybean Mango Yellow Rug by Sonya Winner. Right: Our Metro Orange Wall Tile in ceramic with bevelled edges in 300mm x 100mm can be used vertically, horizontally or angled to create a herringbone pattern.

More Shapes & More Shades 

More joyful colours and shapes for a scheme that requires ultimate combinations. Left; Another stunning rug from Sonya Winner, this is the Jellybean Berry Blue rug, which has a green segment – and this rug would also work with lilac and indigo focus colours. A great match for our Village Emerald Green high gloss ceramic wall tiles, measuring 65mm x 200mm. Use vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to create zig-zag patterns and edges. Also available in 132mm x 132mm square format.

In the Right Direction

For a quirky shapes and straight lines, look no further than our design, Coda Black Decor Tiles. Measuring 560mm x 310mm each tile is designed to look like splitface strips of interlocking chevron shapes. They can be installed vertically or horizontally, or for more ambitious interior designers, they can be angled. Create zig-zag edges as well as the overall integral chevron pattern within each tile. These quirky tiles are not suited for floors however, but that’s probably a good thing – stick to straight lines for accompanying floor tiles!

Lines of Duty

Stick to the straight lines for our Ultimate Combinations themes with our Mikeno Ash Wood Effect wall and floor tiles. Just the job for a clean, calm look for the floor, or perhaps for a half-way-up panel along a hallway or utility room. Centre; try Mikeno Grey Wood Effect to tone with a dark or grey kitchen and right; Mikeno Honey Wood Effect is ideal for instilling a warmer look in kitchen-dining-living spaces. Each plank measures 900mm x 150mm.

And Finally…

Unable to resist showing you all this stunning green designer wallpaper mural Twisted Pixels Forest Greens from Wallsauce, embracing our colours, shapes and lines theme for this edition of Ultimate Combinations! And naturally, we would also like to suggest that our Mikeno Grey Wood Effect Tile would help to recreate this look perfectly!

Will you be combining quirky shapes, focus colours and straight lines in you next interior project? If so then don’t forget to send us your pictures of your finished projects – share your pics with us over on Twitter tagging @TileMountainUK or on Instagram!

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