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Choosing The Correct Underfloor Heating For Your Project

Ezewarm Underfloor Heating

Undertile Heating

Loose Wires and Matt Kits Available

From £14.92M2


 From as little as £14.92 m2*
 Quick & Easy to install
 Highest quality 2mm thin heating wire using Tefzel insulation
 Lifetime Guarantee (Heating Element)
 2 Year Guarantee Thermostat 
 Accidental Damage Warranty** 
 Insulation boards available from £9.99
 Available in loose wire or mat systems
 Touch screen thermostat available
 A Thermostat is required to regulate and program underfloor heating systems
 Manufactured in Ireland

Electric underfloor heating is now an essential addition to any room in the house where ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles are being fitted. Not only does it add the feel of luxury to a room, it is also an extremely efficient alternative to conventional heating systems and provides even heat distribution across the whole area.


Using one of the safest, best quality cables on the market combined with easy to install step by step instructions it has never been a better time to purchase and install our underfloor heating system. Available in loose wire systems for bathrooms and smaller more awkward shaped areas or in a rolled mat systems for the larger more uniform areas. Underfloor heating is 100% safe for use in bathrooms and wetrooms and will allow floors to dry out more quickly through evaporation of excess water, potentially providing a safer environment.


Loose Cable System: Each cable system is quick & easy to install, it comes complete with fitting instructions and double sided high adhesive strength tape, the double sided tape is laid at intervals across the installation area. We have six different sized loose cable systems available to suit most room sizes however where needed additional systems can be added up to a maximum of 24m2 per thermostat.

Loose wire underfloor heating kits

Ezecable 200 Watt - 0.9 to 1.4 m2 UFH wire Kit (1.3m2 @ 150watts)

Ezecable 300 Watt – 1.5 to 2.0 m2 UFH wire Kit (2.0m2 @ 150watts)

Ezecable 400 Watt – 2.0 to 2.9 m2 UFH wire Kit (2.7m2 @ 150watts)

Ezecable 600 Watt - 3.0 to 4.0 m2 UFH wire Kit (4.0m2 @ 150watts)

Ezecable 800 Watt -  4.0 to 5.4 M2 UFH wire Kit (5.3m2 @ 150watts)

Ezecable 1000 Watt – 5.0 – 7.0 M2 UFH wire Kit (6.7m2 @ 150watts)


Mat System: Each mat is a 500mm wide roll available in 12 sizes in either 160 or 200 watt per square metre systems, the cable comes pre-spaced on a fibreglass mat and is easy to lay out and extremely quick to install, when you have laid your first length and come to a return you cut the fibreglass mat making sure not to cut the heating cable and return along side the previous run, repeat this process until the area is complete. The matting can be fitted cable face up or down for more protectection against potential installation damage. A maximum of 22 m2 of the 160 watt and 18m2 of the 200watt can be installed per thermostat.



  • Touchscreen operating interface 
  • 7 Day Programmable function for energy-saving operation
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Symbol Indicator when heating is on
  • Temperature limitation function for floor protection (wood, laminate etc)
  • Key lock function to protect programmed parameters
  • Floor Sensor Included
  • Suitable for most underfloor heating systems
  • Quick & Easy to install (By a part P regulated electrician with RCD)

The E92 is the ideal programmable thermostat for controlling your underfloor heating system, available in black or white with a white backlit screen its modern discreet design allows it to be used in all areas of the home. It has the function to measure the floor temperature, the air temperature or a combination of the two. The thermostat also has a pre-emptive setting, meaning it will heat up the floor to its required temperature for the time it is actually set for, it has the capacity for 6 individual temperature settings per 24 hour cycle.

The E92 thermostat has a 7 day setting which can be programmed all days the same or 5 days the same + 2 or 6 days the same + 1 dependent on your work and social patterns, the thermostat also has a simple on-off button as well as a manual overide so when its not in a timed setting the stat can easily be turned on and a temperature set.

How much heating can I install on one thermostat?

 ezecable = 3600watts of heating cable approx 24m2 on one 16amp thermostat

ezemat 160 watts = 22m² on one 16amp thermostat

ezemat 200 watts = 18m² on one 16amp thermostat

ezefoil  150 watts = 24m² on one 16amp thermostat

Full help & advice direct from Ezewarm customer support on 0800 644 0181

* Sq Mtr price based on the Ezecable loose wire system up to 6.7m2 coverage = £99.99 ÷ 6.7 = £14.92 per m2

** Ezewarm Accidental Damage Warranty

If your Ezewarm radiant heating product is broken during your installation and before you have installed the floor finish, Ezewarm UK Ltd will replace it with another cable or mat of the exact same size for free, providing our installation guidelines are met: You've bought our Ezewarm electric underfloor heating system, and followed all of our recommended installation rules in our Installation Manual. Failure to follow any of the instructions correctly will invalidate your guarantee. If you damage the Ezewarm product prior to installing your final flooring, return the damaged product, to the store from which you purchased the product within 20 Days, with your original dated sales receipt. Ezewarm can mail a simple repair kit with full instructions, free of charge to a designated address within 48 hours. There is a limit of one free repair pack per customer or installer. Please Note: If you cut or damage the wire AFTER installing your flooring you are not guaranteed by this cover, please contact our helpline immediately for technical support. Please Note: A Repaired heater has only a 6-year warranty. Under no circumstances is Ezewarm responsible for the repair or replacement of any tiles or flooring which may be removed or damaged in order to affect any necessary repairs. The Ezewarm Safety blanket warranty does not cover other types of damage, misuse, or improper installation due to the wrong adhesives or subfloor conditions.

Full help & advice direct from Ezewarm customer support on 0800 644 0181

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