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Adhesive And Grout

TM Adhesive Grout Landing

We offer a broad range of premium Mapei Adhesive and Grout products here at Tile Mountain. To help simplify things a little we've compiled this page of useful information on each of the types of products and when they should be used.

Selecting the correct products is essential for a successful installation.

TM Adhesive Grout Landing
TM Adhesive Grout Landing

Levelling Compound

Ultraplan Renovation screed can be used on uneven floors or to raise levels. Once cured it provides a perfectly flat floor to receive a range of finishes including ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles, vinyl and rubber finishes, carpet, etc.

    • Ensures a flat floor for tiling
    • Can be applied by hand or pump
    • Finish by trowel or spiked roller
    • Suitable for a wide range of floor finishes
    • Tiles can be installed after 24 hours

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TM Adhesive Grout Landing

Priming the surface

Priming is essential where absorption needs to be reduced on surfaces such as render, plywood, plaster, plasterboard and sand/cement screeds. Anhydrite screeds and gypsum plaster must be sealed before application of any cement based adhesive, or failure may occur.

    • Improves adhesion with tile adhesives
    • Ensures even absorption
    • Use on walls and floors
    • Easy to apply - brush on roller application
    • Environmentally friendly

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TM Adhesive Grout Landing

Ready Mixed Adhesives (Walls only)

Ready mixed, wall tile adhesives by Mapei. Quick and easy to apply. Perfect for fixing porous bodied glazed wall tiles in internal domestic or light duty commercial installations. Both adhesives have coverage of approximately 6m2 when using a 6mm notched trowel.

    • Easy to use
    • Use on walls only
    • For kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms
    • Grout after 24 hours
    • Waterproof (Mapegrip D2 only)

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TM Adhesive Grout Landing

Powdered Floor Adhesives (Walls & Floors)

Mainly used for floor applications, this range of powdered adhesives is ideal for use with ceramic, porcelain and natural stone including mosaics in wet or dry areas. They come in varying colours and can be used on a range of surfaces.

    • Use on floors and walls
    • Internal and external use
    • Easy to apply once mixed
    • Low dust given off when mixing
    • Environmentally friendly

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TM Adhesive Grout Landing.

Trade Pallet Deals

Huge savings of up to 30% to be had with our bulk adhesive pallet deals. Aimed at tradesmen, these deals are the best on the market. Huge discounts with FREE delivery to the majority of mainland UK! Simply enter your postcode at the checkout for eligibility.

For more information and to view our comprehensive range of pallet deals click here

MAPEI Shower waterproofing Kit

An essential waterproofing kit for anyone who's looking to create or tile a shower area. Containing in a single tub everything you need to prevent costly leaks. This kit can be used around shower trays and with showers that are over a bath.

    • Easy to follow instructions
    • Fully waterproofs walls prior to tiling
    • Ready to tile in just 24 hours
    • Value for money
    • Three products included

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TM Adhesive Grout Landing

Mapei Silicone Sealant

Highly elastic, waterproof, mould resistant silicone sealant. For use with ceramic, porcelain or glass tiles/mosaics. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and as a shower sealant for general sealing between tiles and sanitary ware. It also provides an elastic expansion joint within tiled finishes.

    • Internal and external use
    • For use on horizontal and vertical surfaces
    • Works as a waterproof seal and expansion joint
    • Easy to apply and tool-off
    • Resistance to freeze/thaw conditions

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TM Adhesive Grout Landing

Anti-mould Grout

A versatile wall & floor grout that will fill a joint width of between 2 and 20mm, it repels water and prevents mould growth. It has a working time of 25 minutes once mixed. General areas including showers can be used after 24 hours, swimming pools 48 hours.

    • Flexible
    • Various colours
    • Repels water and prevents mould growth
    • Highly durable
    • Interior and exterior use
    • Light traffic after approximately 3 hours

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TM Adhesive Grout Landing

Kerapoxy Design/Glitter Grout

Used with all types of tiles to create a highly functional, decorative effect. Use Kerapoxy Design grout with Mapeglitter to create a glitter grout. Often used internally and externally to enhance even the plainest tile.

    • Internal and external use
    • Working time of 45 minutes once mixed
    • Ready for light foot traffic after 24 hours
    • Waterproof
    • Suitable for food preparation areas
    • Highly decorative finish

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TM Adhesive Grout Landing

Grout Requirements

Below is a table with several examples for what grout requirements are needed for the size of tile and width of grout joint.

Size of Tile (mm)Width Of Grout (mm)100×100×7100×200×7150×150×7100×300×7200×200×7200×300×7200×500×9300×600×9600×600×10800×800×10


0.18Kg/m²  0.16Kg/m²  0.16Kg/m²  0.12Kg/m²  0.1Kg/m²  0.11Kg/m²  0.08Kg/m²  0.06Kg/m²  0.04Kg/m² 
2 0.48Kg/m² 0.36Kg/m²  0.32Kg/m² 


0.24Kg/m²  0.2Kg/m²  0.22Kg/m²  0.15Kg/m²  0.11Kg/m²  0.09Kg/m² 


0.54Kg/m² 0.48Kg/m²  0.48Kg/m²  0.36Kg/m²  0.3Kg/m²  0.32Kg/m²  0.23Kg/m²  0.17Kg/m²  0.13Kg/m² 


0.71Kg/m²  0.63Kg/m²  0.63Kg/m²  0.48Kg/m²  0.4Kg/m²  0.43Kg/m²  0.31Kg/m²  0.23Kg/m²  0.17Kg/m² 


0.89Kg/m²  0.79Kg/m²  0.79Kg/m²  0.6Kg/m²  0.5Kg/m²  0.54Kg/m²  0.38Kg/m²  0.28Kg/m²  0.21Kg/m² 

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