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Bluenorte Rectified Outdoor Slab Tiles

Size 605x605x20mm
SKU: 438215
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£33.99 m2
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Bluenorte is a beautiful grey natural looking stone effect porcelain tile with a blue tint and realistic smooth stone texture. This outdoor stone is perfect for a modern contemporary garden looking to achieve a subtle minimalist look but to add a touch of elegance and natural charm.

Key Features

  • Minimalist aesthetic

  • Durable & frost-proof

  • Hardwearing porcelain construction

  • Large format means fewer tiles used fewer grout lines

  • Available in x2 variants: 10mm thick indoor tile and 20mm thick outdoor tile

Offering the look and feel of natural stone but with the advantage of being hardwearing and almost non-absorbent, Bluenorte is highly resistant to weathering and requires less maintenance than natural stone products. These tiles are also incredibly versatile when it comes to the settings in which they're installed - they look equally as fantastic whether installed independently or used to tile from indoor to outdoor areas to create a continous aesthetic. Please note that when installing a tile in an exterior environment a concrete base or screed will need to be applied beforehand. After the concrete has set the tiles should be installed using a flexible adhesive such as Keraquick or Keraflex Maxi

Product Details
  • SKU 438215
  • Material Glazed Porcelain
  • Colour Grey
  • Thickness 20 mm
  • Anti-Slip Rating R11

    DIN 51130 shod Ramp Test

    R9 - Best used in dry indoor areas: Bathrooms*, kitchens*, hallways*, living rooms, bedrooms and studies.

    Generally, smooth surface gloss or matt tiles which can produce a slip hazard when wet, as a shoe may slide over the tiles

    *Suitable matting should be in place to absorb water splashes etc

    R10 - Best used in indoor or outdoor areas where there may be minimal wetting remaining on the surface: Bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, food courts, and commercial areas with external entrances.

    The tile surface will generally be a textured matt glaze, sometimes with a slight surface structure, designed to prevent shoes from sliding over their surface.

    R11 - Best used in areas which may be subject to heavy wetting of the surface: Wetrooms, exposed balconies, patios.

    The tile surface will usually be a heavier textured matt glaze, sometimes with a slight surface structure, designed to prevent shoes from sliding over their surface. Designed for both indoor and outdoor areas, where there can also be the presence of other surface contaminants, such as liquid soaps and leaf debris.

    R12 - Best used in areas which may be subject to heavy wetting of the surface: Wetrooms, exposed balconies, patios, swimming pool surrounds, factory production lines, vehicle inspection pits

    The tile surface will often have deep recesses to drain water and other liquid contaminants from the raised surface areas.

    R13 - Best used in areas which may be subject to heavy wetting of the surface combined with other contaminants, steps or ramps: Commercial swimming pool and spa surrounds, Factory production lines, vehicle inspection pits

    The tile surface will have very deep recesses to drain water and other liquid contaminants, such as oils from the raised surface areas and are designed for commercial areas including industrial process areas where there is dangerous equipment present

  • Finish Semi Polished
  • Floor or Wall Floor
  • Tiles Per Square Metre 2.73
  • Rectified Yes
  • Suitable for Underfloor Heating Yes
  • Box Quantity 2
  • Weight 17.46 KG
  • Height 605
  • Width 605

Product Reviews

Sue P. 03/09/18

Bluenorte Tiles set the scene

Bluenorte Tiles set the scene

Verified Buyer

juli k. 04/09/17



Verified Buyer

Gina B. 12/07/17

Poor reaction to problems with product

This is a review of both Tile Mountain as a company, and the product we were supplied Bluenorte Outdoor slab tiles (20mm, 605x605mm). Ordering was relatively easy, Tile Mountain's website makes it easy to order either by m2 or number of tiles, and I was prompted with a discount on adhesive/grout etc which I took advantage of. We were able to choose a delivery date to suit. Delivery was advertised as kerbside, yet the delivery driver wanted assistance to put the pallets next to the kerb due to their weight. We were lucky a contractor was available at the time to assist. If one person couldn't move the pallets to kerbside, then the delivery should've been made with two people. All tiles provided were from the same batch, however when we started to lay them, our contractor discovered that a large proportion (about 90%) were not square, but were 2mm longer in one direction than the other. More than that, the sides were not flat and square, and so laying them with a thin minimal grout line, as they were advertised to work with, became almost impossible. My contractor is spending more than double the time carefully orientating each individual tile to minimize impact of the dimensional issues. Whatever he does, there will not be straight 2mm grout lines as intended, due to the misshapen tiles. I reported this to Tile Mountain as soon as it was discovered. They required significant detail before being willing to respond to my query. When they did respond, they confirmed that items in their stockroom had the same dimensional issues. Their response: Our Quality Control team have been down in the warehouse checking the stock of the same batch you have received. They have replicated the issues that you have reported with the tile size, and although this would not fall outside of acceptable British Standard Tolerance levels, it is not something that we have come across before with any of the tiles that we supply. Without consultation with us, they decided to refund £100 (of a £2000 order) and offered no further compensation or resolution to the problem. Our contractor will be charging us additional time for the work, which will be far in excess of £100. I note that when the tiles were partially installed they suggested not installing anymore but if we had done that the resulting delay and rework to remove laid tiles would have undoubtedly cost even more so we chose to proceed with laying the tiles. We are left both out of pocket and unhappy with the service and product provided to us by Tile Mountain.

Verified Buyer

Kenneth O. 12/11/16

Bluenorte outdoor slabs

Excellent product, superb service

Verified Buyer

Dot G. 13/04/16

Samples arrived very promptly and well packed.

I am trying to decide on a path for my new house and the samples sent were very helpful. It was easy to order and I am still deciding but will certainly go back to Tile Mountain if we decide on their product.

Verified Buyer

James 03/08/17

Are these tiles on slip?


Our advice: The Bluenorte Outdoor Slab Tile (SKU: 438215) has been tested by the manufacturer and sports an anti-slip rating of R11, ideal for outdoor use or in areas of high traffic.

Steve 13/06/16

Hi, If I chose these tiles what gaps/spacing do you have to lay them at. I'm looking for a narrow grout line.


Our advice: For the Bluenorte Outdoor Slab Tile 610x610mm (438215), the minimum grout with we would recommend is 2mm-3mm for a tile of this size.

Jon 16/05/16

Is the Bluenorte Outdoor Slab Tile suitable for installing on Pedestals for a raised level Patio?


Our advice: This tile would be suitable for installation with pedestals.

Jacqueline 29/05/15

Is Bluenorte outdoor floor tile suitable for use with underfloor heating?


Our advice: Thank you for your question, Our Bluenorte Outdoor Tile is 20 mm thick and it is suitable with underfloor heating, However I would recommend using the indoor Bluenorte as it is 10mm thick which will heat up quicker. If you would like any further assistance please call 01782 223822 or email and we will be happy to help.