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Dunsen Grey Floor Tiles

Size 800x800x9.5mm
SKU: 439385
1801 sqm In Stock
£27.95 m2
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Key Features

> Authentic concrete effect

> Hardwearing porcelain construction

> No sealing required

> Matt finish

> Rectified edges for cleaner grout lines


Product Details
  • SKU 439385
  • Material Full Body Porcelain
  • Colour Grey
  • Thickness 9.5 mm
  • Anti-Slip Rating R11

    DIN 51130 shod Ramp Test

    R9 - Best used in dry indoor areas: Bathrooms*, kitchens*, hallways*, living rooms, bedrooms and studies.

    Generally, smooth surface gloss or matt tiles which can produce a slip hazard when wet, as a shoe may slide over the tiles

    *Suitable matting should be in place to absorb water splashes etc

    R10 - Best used in indoor or outdoor areas where there may be minimal wetting remaining on the surface: Bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, food courts, and commercial areas with external entrances.

    The tile surface will generally be a textured matt glaze, sometimes with a slight surface structure, designed to prevent shoes from sliding over their surface.

    R11 - Best used in areas which may be subject to heavy wetting of the surface: Wetrooms, exposed balconies, patios.

    The tile surface will usually be a heavier textured matt glaze, sometimes with a slight surface structure, designed to prevent shoes from sliding over their surface. Designed for both indoor and outdoor areas, where there can also be the presence of other surface contaminants, such as liquid soaps and leaf debris.

    R12 - Best used in areas which may be subject to heavy wetting of the surface: Wetrooms, exposed balconies, patios, swimming pool surrounds, factory production lines, vehicle inspection pits

    The tile surface will often have deep recesses to drain water and other liquid contaminants from the raised surface areas.

    R13 - Best used in areas which may be subject to heavy wetting of the surface combined with other contaminants, steps or ramps: Commercial swimming pool and spa surrounds, Factory production lines, vehicle inspection pits

    The tile surface will have very deep recesses to drain water and other liquid contaminants, such as oils from the raised surface areas and are designed for commercial areas including industrial process areas where there is dangerous equipment present

  • Finish Matt
  • Floor or Wall Floor
  • Tiles Per Square Metre 1.56
  • Wear Rating 4
  • Rectified Yes
  • Suitable for Underfloor Heating Yes
  • Box Quantity 2
  • Weight 14.22 KG
  • Height 800
  • Width 800

Product Reviews

Anonymous 10/08/23

Nice tiles pictures

We are very pleased with the tile we picked and these once fitted look amazing. A good choice

Verified Buyer

Victoria 03/05/23

Fantastic quality tiles.

We have used these tiles inside and on our patio to creat a flowing line, and they look amazing. Very large tiles which look like natural stone and a lot more expensive than they are. We have had them down for 2 years with no issues with quality or fade of colour. Would recommend to use a dark grout.

Verified Buyer

Anonymous 04/01/23

Fabulous Dunsen Grey Floot Tiles

Fabulous, hard-wearing, anti-slip floor tile. The 'grey' colour is very natural and does have a slight 'glitter' fleck within the tile which is hardly noticeable but does add to the character of the tile. We received multiple tile samples to compare but the Dunsen Grey was by far the best 'natural' colour choice. We fitted these tiles in our kitchen, family room, utility, hallway and into the downstairs WC and they are by far the best choice we could have made!

Verified Buyer

Danielle 21/10/22

Dunsen Grey Floor Tiles

Over the moon with the purchase of the tiles - the colour, the size and the finish. Just what we were looking for to complete our dining room!

Verified Buyer

Anonymous 09/10/22

Good tile. We used it for exterior

Large tile with good anti-slip qualities, great for our exterior

Verified Buyer

Lyn Powell 09/09/22

Lovely tiles. Feel great on your feet, nice subtle sparkle to them. Nice colour.

Verified Buyer

Gemma 06/09/22

We are so happy with the Dunsen floor tiles. We have used them throughout our downstairs house renovation and also in our upstairs bathroom. Visitors comment whenever they see them for the first time. They are very easy to keep clean and feel lovely under bare foot to walk on

Verified Buyer

Barry 03/08/22

Excellent service excellent product excellent delivery have used a number of times

Verified Buyer

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Will 01/01/23

Do these work as wall tiles too?


Our advice: Yes, so long as the wall is installed with a backer board first.

Bob 25/12/22

We have just laid the tiles in our new kitchen and we find they are a bit too rough for mopping as it tears the mob head and the tiles can also scratch fairly easy. To aid this we are thinking of applying a sealer, can you please advise if this will be ok with these tiles? I understand the description says no sealer required, but would it damage the tiles if we did? I'm hoping the sealer makes the floor slightly easier to mop and reduces its tendency to scratch.


Our advice: We would not advise using any sealers on the tiles however LTP Porcelain Tile Protector - Pre Grout Treatment Interior & Exterior Use can be used. Ensure that the tiles are cleaned before applying this to the tiles.

Rachel 21/10/22

Pls can you recommend best grout to use with these tiles


Our advice: We would advise using our Ultracolor Manhattan (Light Grey) 110 Flexible Grout 5kg SKU: 6011005A.

Dave 13/08/22

Are these suitable for outside?


Our advice: Yes, they would be providing you are installing them onto a cured concrete base and adhering with an exterior tile adhesive.

k 26/05/22

Is underfloor heating suitable for this tile? thanks.


Our advice: Yes, underfloor heating would be suitable to use with our Dunsen tiles.

Amelia 10/05/22

Do thread come in a 20mm outside version?


Our advice: No.

Hamish 04/05/22

I am intending using these tiles indoor and out, and appreciate that they will be laid differently. I also want to use them on 3no. steps from my terrace and propose to overhang the tread by 15mm over the riser. The tiles should be strong enough to withstand a 15mm overhang and not break off?? Appreciating your advice. Many thanks.


Our advice: This tile would not be suitable. For the installation, you have advised a 20mm thick tile would be required.

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