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Norcros Stop Mould Golden Jasmine Wall Tile Grout

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Get a professional finish for your tilling project with Norcros Stop Mould Flexible Wall Tile Grout, a fine, smooth finish grouting material for internal and external tiling joints up to 5mm,. 

Key Features

  • Anti-bacterial & fungal resistant

  • 1mm to 5mm joints

  • Ideal for glass & mosaic tiles

  • Suitable for use on floors in areas subject to light foot traffic

Norcros Stop Mould Flexible Wall Tile Grout contains Norcros Stop Mould Anti Bacterial Fortification to protect against the build up of mould and the discolouration of grouting typically associated with areas where frequent wetting, high humidity and condensation may prevail. Norcros Stop Mould Flexible Grout is water resistant but not impervious to the passage of water. In situations where the installation needs to be protected against water ingress the use of Norcros Wet Seal Tanking Kit should be considered. Where an impervious grout joint is required, Norcros Super Epoxy Grout should be used. Norcros’ unique Rock-Tite polymeric binders makes this ideal for use with all types of tile including glass and its high flexural strength makes it the perfect choicel for dry line walls and surfaces subject to vibration and high durability.

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  • SKU 451290
  • Weight 5.00 KG

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