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Norcros Thick Bed Porcelain and Stone Adhesive

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Want a professional installation for your tiling project? Then look no further than Norcros Thick Bed Stone & Porcelain Grey Floor Tile Adhesive, a grey cement based thick bed floor adhesive designed for fixing fully vitrified porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles to a variety of floor surfaces.

Key Features

  • 3 hour setting time

  • 5mm to 25mm bed

  • Highly flexible

  • Internal & external floors only

  • Suitable for heated floors

Featuring a shrinkage compensating deep bed formulation, Norcros Thick Bed Stone & Porcelain ideal for the installation of large format tiles and slabs, affording excellent area contact without the need to back butter. Water and weather resistant and suitable for both internal andexternal locations, Norcros Thick Bed Stone & Porcelain is the perfect choice for a variety of fixing situations and, thanks to a setting time of 3 hours, tiles can be fully grouted and walked on in no time at all. Containing Norcros’ unique Rock-Tite™ polymeric binders, the resulting enhanced flexibility of this adhesive allows a greater range of fixing possibilities normally only achieved by the addition of separate admixtures. Excellent thermal ageing properties means that this adhesive is particularly suitable for heated floors and timber floors when overlaid with WBP/Marine grade plywood.


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  • SKU 451275
  • Weight 20.00 KG

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