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Standard Set Porcelain Grey S1 Tile Adhesive

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Norcros Standard Set Flexible Grey S1 is a highly polymer fortified fibre reinforced adhesive mortar designed with increased flexural strength for fixing all types of tiles (including dark natural stone) to a variety of building surfaces in internal, external and total immersion locations. 

Key Features

  • Polymer fortified fibre reinforced adhesive

  • Suitable for both internal and external use

  • Reinforced flexural and bond strength

  • Ideal for use in heavy duty areas

  • Suitable for a bed thickness up to 10mm

Featuring an increased polymer level combined with fibres, Norcros Standard Set Porcelain Grey S1 provides reinforced flexural and bond strength adhesive crack bridging properties up to 3mm. Ideal for use in heavy duty areas such as swimming pools, commercial applications, showers and locations where thermal variation may occur such as heated floors.  Excellent anti-shrinkage properties make this adhesive suitable for a bed thickness up to 10mm, whilst a setting time of 16 to 24 hours at 20°C so as to the adhesive does not go off before the required amount of tiles have been installed. When fixing light coloured or translucent stone a white adhesive such as Norcros Standard Set Flexible White S1 should be used to avoid staining.


Product Details
  • SKU 450320
  • Weight 20.00 KG
  • Colour Frieze

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