NEW VIDEO: How To Install Engineered Wood Flooring

As you may be aware, we’ve recently launched a stellar range of Engineered Wood, Laminate, and Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring and so it’s only right that we roped in everyone’s favourite TV handyman, Craig Phillips to create another series of videos showing you how to install these new product types! This short video quick and easy guide is the first in a series and shows you how to install Engineered Wood in a small box room.

In this episode, Craig shows you how to:

  • Prepare your exterior subfloor in readiness for installing outdoor slab tiles directly onto a concrete screed base.
  • Select and install the correct underlay for your Engineered Wood flooring installation project.
  • Plan your layout.
  • Use spacers to ensure appropriate separation between planks and the edge of the room for expansion gaps.
  • Effectively measure for cuts.
  • Cut planks to size safely and efficiently.
  • Use the built-in click system to secure the planks in place on your floorspace.
  • Cut and install planks to fit around door frames.
  • Fit scotia beading around the edge of the installation to cover expansion gaps.

Hopefully, this video has given you all you need to know about Engineered Wood Flooring and explains the various methods involved. If you’d like to find out more however then you can read our comprehensive guide:

How to Install Engineered Wood Flooring

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