What is an R Rating? Anti Slip Ratings Explained

An R anti-slip rating is a way of measuring the suitability of a tile in terms of safety and slip resistance. The ratings range from R9 to R13, R9 being the lightest slip resistance and R13 being the most resistant. We’re here to explain where each R rating is appropriate so you can be sure you’re choosing the right tile for your project. So, what is an R rating?

The R in R rating stands for “Ramp test”, which is the test conducted when a tile is manufactured, to offer insight into its slip resistance. The number within an R rating indicates the level of slip resistance the tile has.

R9 Slip Resistance

Tiles with an R9 slip resistance are typically suitable for dry indoor spaces, e.g. living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms etc. If used across a bathroom floor, we highly recommend placing a bath mat, as R9 tiles will not offer sufficient slip resistance when wet.


This image captures a contemporary hallway with Copenhagen rectified matt wood effect tiles in a soothing grey tone, laid in a staggered pattern. To the side, a classic black vintage style radiator adds a contrast to the modern flooring. A wooden side table with a black notebook on top and a potted green plant in the foreground introduce natural elements, enhancing the clean and minimalist aesthetic of the space. The walls are a crisp white, complementing the cool tones of the flooring and contributing to the rooms bright and airy feel.

Above, Copenhagen Snow Rectified Matt Wood Effect Porcelain Floor Tile


R10 Slip Resistance

An R10 slip resistance offers a bit more grip, but we still only recommend for use within interiors. Tiles with an R10 anti-slip rating are ideal for areas that may be prone to splashes and spills like the kitchen or the cloakroom, but in rooms like the bathroom where there is likely to be excessive amounts of water, we would still recommend using a bath mat.


A serene bathroom setting featuring large, slate effect light grey matt porcelain tiles with an R 10 anti slip rating on both the floor and at half height on the wall, exuding an elegant and expansive feel. The centrepiece is a sleek freestanding bathtub with a smooth grey exterior and white interior. A lush, broad leaved plant in a black pot adds a natural touch to the space. The ledge above the bathtub displays minimalist decor, including framed artwork with the word love, a reed diffuser, and neatly arranged toiletries, while a hanging green plant introduces a fresh, lively accent. The overall ambience is one of calm and sophistication and modern simplicity.

Above, Slate Way Light Grey Matt Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile


R11-R12 Slip Resistance

Tiles with an R11 or R12 anti-slip rating are suitable for outdoor spaces as well as indoor. We recommend that if you’re hoping to use an R11 or R12 outdoors, ensure it is made from porcelain, as these are much more durable and suited to floor designs. As for inside the home, they are suitable for use across wet rooms and bathrooms, offering a much stronger grip below foot for when you step out of the bath or shower.

Our range of outdoor slabs offer great slip resistance if you’re looking to do up your patio!


An outdoor patio area showcasing a light grey stone effect matt porcelain slab. The tiles are arranged in an interlocking pattern that seamlessly transitions from a solid layout to a pebble strewn path, leading to a lush garden. A portion of a modern outdoor chair is visible, suggesting a comfortable seating area. The mix of dense green shrubbery and lighter green plants borders the tiled area, creating a tranquil and inviting outdoor space that harmonizes the elegance of the stonework with natural elements.

Above, Piazza Light Grey Stone Effect Matt Porcelain Outdoor Slab Tile


R13 Slip Resistance

R13 is the highest level of slip resistance, and can be used pretty much anywhere! They are harder to come by as they are not necessarily needed in most residential areas, but are most commonly found used across swimming pools surrounds or public showers/changing rooms, where slip resistance is paramount for safety.

If you have any further questions regarding slip resistance and what R rating your project requires, be sure to get in touch with a member of our friendly team who will be able to advise!