Outdoor Design: Our Top Paving Slab Ideas

Embarking on a patio makeover or contemplating creating your own serene outdoor design? The right paving slabs can transform your outdoor space into a functional and stylish haven. Whether you’re envisioning a cosy patio area for family BBQs, a peaceful retreat to enjoy your morning coffee or a durable and inviting pathway to your garden, the possibilities are endless. We have a variety of paving slab ideas tailored to fit every style, budget and outdoor space in mind. From the timeless charm stone effect styles to the contemporary flair of porcelain designs, we’ll help you select the perfect paving solution to complement your home and lifestyle.

Paving Slabs in All Shapes and Sizes

Whether you need a large format, an extra large format, or something a little smaller, we are sure to have the right thing for you. Choosing the right paving slab is crucial in the execution of your design, and can make or break the overall look of the space. Choosing larger format slabs creates a grand and luxurious design, but if you haven’t got the space to accommodate them, a smaller format can be just as effective in creating your dream outdoor space. Take the Icarus Grey, for example, coming in at 595x595mm. This may sound large, however, in terms of paving slabs, this is quite small. The smaller format creates a detailed design bursting with character and personality.

A modern living room with large, porcelain, pale grey tiles seamlessly extending from the interior to the exterior through sliding glass doors. The space is furnished with minimalist white sofas, a low-profile white coffee table, and has an open plan design overlooking a lush garden.

Above, Icarus Grey Porcelain Outdoor Slab


How to Choose the Right Paving Slab

Choosing the right shape and size paving slab can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. As a general rule, we would say if you’re hoping to pave a larger area, you should be looking at large-format paving slabs. This works the other way too, if it’s a smaller outdoor area, browse smaller slabs. If you’re thinking of creating stepping stones with your slabs, we recommend going for smaller slabs, whereas if it’s a driveway you’re hoping to redesign, definitely look into the larger formats.

A chic patio area featuring matt stone effect porcelain tiles in a warm cream, complemented by brick walls and contemporary black wicker furniture with teal cushions, The space is accented with a large potted banana plant and has sliding glass doors that provide a view into a modern interior.

Above, Stoneland Cream Matt Stone Effect Porcelain Outdoor Slab


Patterned Paving Designs

Using patterned paving slabs across your outdoor design is a surefire way to create a design that is full of character and personalised style. Different designs and patterns are perfect for adding texture to a space for a varied scheme that you and your guests are sure to love for years to come. Thanks to their porcelain construction and quality matt finish, you can rest assured your slabs and their pattern will stand up against the harsh British weather. The possibilities are endless with pattern slabs, and they make it easier than ever to create a bespoke design. Create borders with plain slabs and patterned in the centre, providing an innovative overall finish, or a stepping-stone effect with singular patterned slabs dotted throughout your space.

An inviting outdoor dining area with a decorative white and black patterned porcelain tile design under a long wooden table surrounded by white modern chairs. This cosy space is bordered by a wooden fence and adorned with hanging festoon lights, creating a warm and festive atmosphere.

Above, Porto Decor White Concrete Effect Matt Porcelain Outdoor Slab


Natural Beauty with Stone Effect Paving

Stone effect paving slabs are the perfect choice for those who are desperate for that natural stone design but at a fraction of the cost. Our paving slabs are constructed using durable porcelain, meaning they require significantly less upkeep and maintenance, but still offer all the visual aesthetics of the real thing! With their ease of maintenance, it’s a case of installing the paving slabs and letting them work their magic in terms of visuals and functionality.

A charming patio laid with greige (grey-beige) textured porcelain tiles, accompanied by a vintage-style wrought iron table and chairs. The setting is nestled against a brick house with large white windows and overlooks a garden bed bursting with colourful flowers, all enclosed by a rustic wooden fence.

Above, Piazza Greige Stone Effect Matt Porcelain Large Outdoor Slab


Create Zones

Paving slabs are ideal for creating zones throughout your garden space and perfect for breaking areas up for separate purposes or aesthetic reasons. This works particularly well if you have a large garden space that you’re unsure of what to do with. It offers the opportunity to have separate areas for each garden activity, for example, relaxing, eating and sunbathing (if the weather allows it!). In our example, we’ve used Maverick Bone Slabs to create a sectioned off area with a sun lounger, perfect for creating a more private feel.

A serene garden patio with creamy beige porcelain tiles defining a spacious outdoor lounging area, edges with lush green grass. The scene features a modern wooden sun lounger, a small side table, and a decorative lantern, all against a backdrop of a white walled garden adorned with ivy and topped with flowering shrubs, providing a private and tranquil outdoor retreat.

Above, Maverick Bone Outdoor Slab


Unique Wood-Effect Outdoor Paving Slabs

For something out of the ordinary and unique to you and your home, check out a wood-effect porcelain paving slab. They provide all the aesthetics and comfort of real wood flooring but in a way that is suitable for outdoor use! The warmth and character that comes with wood effect flooring is one that we all come to know and love. It creates a sense of familiarity, which we often look for when thinking of how we want to design a space. Using porcelain paving slabs instead of real wood in the garden eliminates the risk of rotting, growths and the need for constant upkeep.

A cosy corner of a garden patio featuring wood-effect porcelain tiles in rich oak tones, accompanied by a unique woven chair and a small round metal table hosting a jug and glasses. Lush green potted plants and a serene Buddha statue contribute to the tranquil, meditative ambiance of this outdoor space.

Above, Nebraska Oak Wood Effect Large Outdoor Porcelain Slab


Be Creative With Stepping Stones

Your patio design doesn’t have to be conventional with a boxed-out space sitting against the house with some garden furniture plopped on top. Get creative with how you lay your tiles and experiment with design options. Stepping stones can be a great way of ensuring a unique space that exudes class. Stepping stones in the garden is an incredibly traditional aesthetic within exterior design and landscaping (think grandma chic), and creates the opportunity to section off your garden design and make the space feel more expansive. Placing seating and garden furniture at the far end of the garden with a series of stepping stones leading to the area will elongate the look of the space effortlessly.

A neatly landscaped path leading to a white door set in a classic red brick wall, complemented by beige porcelain tiles and interspersed with pebbles and square stepping stones. The garden is lush with shrubbery and climbing plants, offering a manicured yet welcoming approach to the home.

Above, Ebor Beige Outdoor Slab


Can you Use Porcelain Paving Slabs on a Driveway?

While you’re here, we thought we’d remind you that yes, you can use porcelain paving slabs on a driveway! Porcelain paving slabs are engineered to be strong and withstand all sorts of weather and beating, so are more than suitable for use across your driveway design. This heavily relies on the slabs being installed correctly and appropriately. With out wide range of driveway porcelain paving slabs, you’ll be certain to find a slab that fits the style of your exterior perfectly. We would recommend using a larger format slab, to offer an expansive look and feel.

A spacious garden patio with natural concrete-effect matt porcelain tiles, set against an elegant brick conservatory with French doors. The patio is surrounded by lush, manicured hedges and vibrant flowering shrubs, creating a blend of refined structure and natural beauty for outdoor relaxation or entertaining.

Above, Crassana Natural Concrete Effect Matt Porcelain Large Outdoor Slab


As we wrap up our paving slab ideas, it’s clear that the right selection of paving slabs can upgrade your patio design. Be sure to tag us in pictures of your outdoor design over on Instagram, @Tilemountainuk, we love seeing our products in your designs! If you have any questions about installation or the products that we offer, be sure to get in touch with a member of our friendly team!

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