Elevate your Al Fresco Experience: Inspiring Outdoor Dining Ideas

Whether it’s a small city garden or a larger countryside space, there is a short list of things as warm as outdoor dining in the summer months. There’s a variety of approaches you can take when looking at creating your dream outdoor dining area, and we love how creative we’ve seen some people getting as the warmer weather teases its appearance. To help you get the ball rolling with your garden design, read on to our outdoor dining ideas, where you’ll be sure to find a style you’ll fall in love with.

1 – Create a Year-Round Dining Space

Embrace al fresco dining all year round with the ultimate British weatherproof innovation: the pergola. A pergola not only elevates the aesthetics of your outdoor space but is also a practical solution to the unpredictable UK climate. Picture this: robust, elegant porcelain paving slabs creating a seamless transition from the comfort of your home to the beauty of nature. Our high-quality slabs are not just a feast for the eyes but are also durable, anti-slip and low maintenance, perfect for year-round wear and tear. Whether you’re savouring a warm summer evening or enjoying the crisp autumn air, your pergola-covered dining area offers a year-round invitation to gather, dine and entertain.


A spacious outdoor patio area with ivory matt stone effect porcelain slabs featuring an intricate star pattern, Modern furniture including a sofa, armchairs and a wooden coffee table complements the natural stone brick wall of the house. The are is adorned with potted plants, under a covered patio with a view of a green garden.

Above, Bellevue Star Decor Ivory Matt Stone Effect Porcelain Outdoor Slab Tile


2 – Make Use of Outdoor Lighting

As dusk descends, the magic of your outdoor dining space truly comes to life with the glow of thoughtfully placed lighting. With our porcelain paving slabs, you can create a pristine canvas, while above, a constellation of lighting twinkles like stars, casting a warm and welcoming ambience. These lights don’t just illuminate; they transform your patio into an enchanting nook, perfect for intimate dinners or lively outdoor parties under the night sky. The combination of light and shadow plays across the intricate design of our slabs, making the space feel both cosy and expansive, With such an inviting atmosphere, your outdoor dining area becomes not just a place to eat but a spot for friends and family to spend quality time with you.


An inviting outdoor dining area featuring white concrete effect porcelain slabs with a decorative black and grey patterned border. The scene includes a long wooden dining table surrounded by stylish white chairs set against a backdrop of wooden fencing, greenery and festoon lighting, creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere for outdoor dining.

Above, Porto Decor White Concrete Effect Matt Porcelain Outdoor Slab Tile


3 – Incorporate Fire Pits

Nothing quite captures the essence of outdoor dining like the elemental allure of a fire pit. As the heart of your dining space, it offers more than warmth, it’s a centrepiece that invites storytelling and star-gazing. Surrounded by the natural beauty of our split-face wall tiles, your fire pit area becomes a rustic retreat that reflects the textures and tones of the great outdoors. Therese tiles, with their rich, layered design, don’t just complement the flickering flames of the fire pit, they enhance the sense with their textured split face design. The wall design of your outdoor design is as integral to your outdoor haven as the rest of our points. It provides not only a backdrop but also a statement, turning a simple patio into an outdoor sanctuary.


A cosy outdoor corner featuring a natural split face wall tile in neutral tones, complemented by a modern black fire pit in the centre. The area is accented with greenery, including potted plants and ivy climbing a trellis, creating a serene space for relaxation and entertainment. The floor tiles are a light sandy colour which beautifully contrasts the textured wall and the sleek fire feature.

Above, Erebor Natural Split Face Wall Tiles


4 – Use Warm, Mediterranean Tones

Incorporating warmer tones in your exterior design can transform your outdoor dining area into a welcoming space. These beige modular slabs offer a neutral yet inviting canvas that pairs beautifully with natural sunlight, enhancing the sense of warmth. This simple choice of colour in your slabs of tiles can make even the British weather feel cosier, encouraging you to gather and dine outdoors. Pair these warm-toned tiles with minimalist furniture to strike a balance between homeliness and contemporary style, creating a space that’s not just for dining but also relaxing in the open air.


A sunlit outdoor setting area showcasing beige modular slab tiles with a natural stone look. A rattan armchair with black legs and a tropical patterned cushion sits beside a matching low table, against a crisp white wall. The space is accented with lush green plants and a hanging greenery pot, while a circular woven rug adds texture to the tranquil, minimalist setting.

Above, Basalto Beige Modular Outdoor Slabs


5 – Design an Outdoor Rug

Transform your space into a stunning extension of your home with the innovative idea of a patterned slab ‘rug’. Picture a gorgeous al fresco setting where your patio floor becomes a focal point, thanks to the use of intricately designed porcelain paving slabs. Our example captures this concept beautifully – an outdoor ‘rug’ created from durable, patterned slabs that add an elegant touch to your exterior dining area. Unlike traditional fabric rugs, porcelain slabs are made to endure the elements, ensuring that your stylish design will stand the test of time and weather. This not only elevates your outdoor dining experience but also reduces the need for frequent replacements.


An elegant outdoor patio featuring grey concrete effect matt porcelain slab tiles with a central decorative pattern in shades of grey, blue and white. Wicker lounge chairs with soft grey cushions and a matching ottoman invite relaxation, complementing the open bi-fold doors that lead to a stylish interior. Lush green shrubbery borders the space, enhancing the indoor outdoor flow and creating a serene environment.

Above, Porto Decor Grey Concrete Effect Matt Porcelain Outdoor Slab


6 – Add a Touch of Luxury With Marble Designs

Envision your outdoor dining area redefined with the sumptuous appeal of marble-effect paving slabs, as showcased in our example. The glistening sheen and subtle veins of marble are synonymous with luxury and grandeur, and when replicated in porcelain tiles, they bring an opulent aesthetic to your garden design with added practicality. Marble effect slabs provide a seamless transition from indoor elegance to outdoor sophistication, creating a space where dinner parties and casual brunches work hand in hand. Our high-quality porcelain material offers unparalleled durability against the elements, making it a wise investment for those seeking a touch of indulgence in exterior design.


A chic outdoor living space featuring large, glossy porcelain tiles with a white marble effect. The area is furnished with a contemporary deep green outdoor sofa adorned with patterned cushions, a stylish wood and metal coffee table, and a coordinating armchair and footstool with green woven details. Potted plants add a touch of nature, enhancing the tranquil ambiance of this urban garden oasis.

Above, Carrara Marble White Outdoor Slab Tiles


7 – Introduce Simplistic Design with Grey Paving Slabs

Choose grey porcelain slabs to create a sleek and elegant foundation for your outdoor space, just like our example. The simple grey slabs offer a classic backdrop that lets your furniture and decor shine. Whether you’re accessorising with bold colours or soft lights, the neutral grey complements everything surrounding the area. Plus, these durable slabs are not only stylish but also practical, standing up to all kinds of weather without needing much upkeep. With these slabs, you get an effortlessly chic look that’s easy to maintain, perfect for any outdoor design.


A modern outdoor dining space featuring dark grey square slab tiles that create a sleek and stylish foundation. The are is furnishes with white wicker dining chairs and a matching table with a glass top, accented by soft grey cushions. A cosy lounge area with a sofa and fire pit table adds warmth to the space, flanked by elegant glass tube patio heaters. Surrounded by a brick walls and greenery, this patio merges comfort with contemporary design, perfect for entertaining or relaxing evenings.

Above, Surface Outdoor Mid Grey Porcelain Slab


8 – Enhance Colour and Vibrancy

Brighten up your outdoor dining area with vibrant patterned tiles to create a space brimming with character and zest. Our example showcases a delightful example: a burst of geometric patterns in refreshing hues of blue and white colouring, creating a lively style that excites the eye. Tiles like these are more than just a flooring option, they become a statement piece, setting a joyful tone for a sunny mid-morning brunch or balmy evening meal. And, because they’re porcelain, they promise to keep their vivid colouring without fading in the sunlight. Introducing playful patterns like these is a surefire way of adding personality and turning your patio into a captivating retreat for every occasion.


A vibrant outdoor setting with eye-catching patterned porcelain tiles in shades of blue and white, arranged in a starburst design. The scene features a chic round metal wire table atop the tiles, adorned with a small potted plant and decorative items, including a glass vase and blue drinking glasses, Part of a grey outdoor sofa and lush plants are visible in the periphery, all bathed in natural sunlight, evoking a fresh and inviting atmosphere perfect for a relaxing outdoor retreat.

Above, Hanoi Star Blue Floor Tiles


There you have our top outdoor dining ideas – perfect for enhancing your outdoor living experience in time for the warmer summer months! Tag us in pictures of your exterior design over on Instagram, @Tilemountainuk, we love seeing your designs!

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