First Impressions Count with Our Hallway Tile Ideas

When welcoming guests into your home, we all want to make the best first impression! It’s not a necessity that they love your design, because we believe as long as you love it, nobody else matters! However, it’s human instinct to impress, so here are our top hallway tile ideas to ensure your home leaves a lasting impression from the moment you step in the door!

1 – Dark and Moody Design

For that deep and moody aesthetic, introduce flooring that is darker in colour. This introduces a sophisticated and classy design, that is sure to wow your guests. It’s a bold choice, but with the right styling and accessories, you can be sure your design will have that wow factor. For this hallway design, we’ve used our Concrete Effect Luxury Click Vinyl Flooring to create this modern and sultry look, packed with character. The black accents complement the darker anthracite grey tones of the flooring effortlessly, while the green blends elegantly to add a pop of colour.

A contemporary hallway featuring concrete effect anthracite tiles laid in a clean, straight pattern. The monochrome palette is complemented by a geometric patterned beige and black runner rug, a slender black framed full length mirror, and a sleek round side table with a wicker basket underneath. A tall vertical radiator adds a modern touch alongside the olive green panelled door, creating a welcoming yet stylish entryway.

Above, Concrete Effect Anthracite Tile Luxury Click Vinyl Flooring 5mm

2 – Marble Effect Elegance

Offering a touch of true elegance and sophistication, welcome Merope Onyx Marble Effect to your hallway space. Marble exudes luxury and expense, and with our variety of marble effect tiles that style doesn’t have to be out of reach. Using marble effect in the hallway creates a high-end look and feel, inviting your guests into an opulent yet welcoming design, setting the tone for the rest of the house. We’ve used our Merope Onyx Marble Effect tiles in this hallway design to showcase how glamorous marble can really look. We’ve paired them with a pink wall colour to pull out their natural warm veining, and introduced pops of green throughout, evoking a trendy and current design style.

An elegant and airy hallway featuring a large beige polished tile with a delicate onyx marble effect, creating a luxurious and expansive feel. The walls are adorned with classic wainscoting painted in a muted taupe, harmonising with the light floor. A plush emerald green armchair with golden legs adds a pop of colour, while a natural woven vase holding lush greenery brings an organic touch. The scene is completed with framed botanical artwork, enhancing the sophisticated and serene ambiance of the space.

Above, Merope Onyx Marble Effect Beige Polished Floor Tile

3 – Monochrome Hallway Beauty

Welcome a monochrome scheme to your hallway for a design that seamlessly combines modernity with classic black and white colouring. Monochrome walls and floors create a simple backdrop for a design that is sure to impress when your guests first enter your home. For something unique and original, introduce a pop of a single colour to your monochrome design, like pink or green, to add a sense of depth and character. We’ve done this by introducing some greenery to our hallway design, introducing texture to a space that would otherwise be quite flat.

A sleek and modern hallway showcasing rectified matt wood effect tiles in a soft grey, lending a serene and spacious feel to the entryway. The cool tones of the flooring contrast beautifully with the deep charcoal panelled door. The space is styled with a minimalist console table with a black metal frame and light wood top, complemented by small potted plants that add a fresh touch of greenery. White walls with a classic chair rail detail are adorned with an array of chic monochrome framed prints, while a vintage style black radiator adds character to the contemporary setting.

Above, Copenhagen Snow Rectified Matt Wood Effect Porcelain Floor Tile

4 – Patterned Perfection

For an eye catching and vibrant first impression, welcome a bit of pattern to your hallway design. This can liven a space up dramatically, and add a sense of personalisation to your space. It doesn’t have to be the most dramatic and over the top pattern, but, if this is a bit of you, we say go for it! We’ve used our Victoriana Blakeney Wall and Floor Tile to show you how patterns can be easily dressed to suit your design style. This space utilises dark wood tones that pull the brown colouring from the patterned tiles out, complementing the overall scheme beautifully. The design of these tiles replicate that of traditional encaustic tiles, offering the opportunity for a truly original and classic design.

A classic entryway infused with the charm of Victorian design, featuring encaustic style ceramic tiles in a mix of terracotta, blue and off white geometric patterns. The intricate tiling forms a welcoming patchwork that complements the rich wooden tones of the vintage console table. Above the table, an eclectic sunburst mirror adds a decorative focal point, while the whitewashed wall are decorated with a collection of small framed pictures. To the side, a lush potted plant introduces a burst of greenery, enhancing the warm and inviting atmosphere. The staircase with dark stained steps and white risers provides a lovely contrast, leading the eye upwards. A traditional Persian rug partially lies on the patterned floor, bridging the classic and the contemporary.

Above, Victoriana Blakeney Wall and Floor Tile

5 – Grey Flooring Sophistication

Grey is a timeless shade within interior design. It never gets old and provides the perfect backdrop for any design style to truly shine through. Within the hallway, it’s easy to use grey to create a personalised space that will act as a window to the rest of your home. We’ve paired our Chason Rock Grey LVT Flooring with a striking green colour throughout the rest of the space, allowing guests to get an insight into a design that is fun and unique to the home. Pair grey with your favourite design style to create a hallway you and your guests will love for years to come.

A fresh and vibrant hallway where classic meets contemporary, this space is styled with a dynamic grey herringbone pattern luxury click vinyl flooring, The cool grey tones of the floor are a delightful contrast to the bold emerald green lower wall panelling and matching door. Crisp white upper walls and staircase balusters create a bright and spacious feel, while a circular gold trimmed mirror adds an element of sophistication. A wooden coat rack and a pair of framed abstract art pieces give the space a personal touch. Completing the scene is a potted cascading green plant, introducing a lively burst of nature into the home.

Above, Chason Rock Grey Herringbone Luxury Click Vinyl Flooring 5mm

6 – Natural Materials in Design

Using natural materials like wood and stone don’t have to be out of reach anymore. Their hefty price tag and difficult maintenance can be a thing of the past with our flooring and tile options. We offer a variety of options that are designed to replicate the natural material you desire, so it’s more within reach for our customers. Using natural materials within the hallway ensures a rustic and industrial atmosphere, and creates a design that you and others are sure to love. Take our Majestic Night Slate Laminate flooring for example, a durable laminate designed to mimic the real characteristics of slate in colour and variation. We love the way it looks in this hallway space, paired with a pop of red for a sense of personalisation.

A chic and welcoming entryway is defined by its striking slate grey marble effect tiles laid in a classic straight pattern. These elegant tiles set a sophisticated foundation for the sleek metal console table with its polished silver finish and dark wood top, accessorised by vibrant red decorative objects. A unique coat stand with angular lines presents functional style, holding a stylish trench coat and red scarf. Below the table, casual footwear hints at the lived in feel of the space. White walls and bright lighting accentuate the deep colours and textures, creating an inviting atmosphere that balances modernity with home comfort.

Above, Majestic Night Slate Tile Laminate Flooring 8mm

7 – Original Design Features

We all love the look and idea of an original Victorian hallway, but we don’t all live in houses that have these original features. Lucky for you, you can create that same look in your own home without having to rip up your floors, just in case you have original tiles. Thanks to our wide range of patterned floor tiles, you can create a personalised Victorian encaustic look! Our Windsor Multi Patterned tiles for example, showcase that beautiful original look by replicating the encaustic design we see throughout Victorian homes. We’ve styled with deep blue wainscoting to enhance the classic look and feel of the space, which is sure to leave a lasting impression on guests.

This hallway exudes character with its vibrant patterned porcelain tiles, featuring a medley of blues, greys and creams that combine to form a rich tapestry of designs, reminiscent of traditional encaustic flooring. The bold navy blue panelled walls and door frame the space, creating a striking contrast that highlights the intricate patterns on the floor. A wooden bench with a warm tones provides a place to sit or display items, and a potted fern adds a touch of greenery, enhancing the lively yet sophisticated aesthetic. The classic arched window on the door allows natural light to cascade in, further accentuation the tiles ornate details, while an umbrella stand and wall mounted coat hooks suggest a home ready to welcome guests in style and practically.

Above, Windsor Multi Patterned Matt Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

8 – Light Wood Effect Design

For a space that feels more bright and airy, welcome a light wood effect floor to the design. This is a sure fire way to inject a sense of comfort and familiarity with your guests, as wood is a classic design feature that utilises its natural texture and aesthetic to sooth us and make us feel at ease. We love the way wood looks across hallway designs, and believe its a style that is here to stay. Pair with accessories that are light in colour as we have to continue that vibrant aesthetic, or pair with deeper colours to allow the floor to seamlessly blend into your space.

This bright and welcoming hallway is adorned with Scandi-inspired light larch laminate flooring, presenting a soothing palette of pale wood tones that offer a natural and airy feel .The floors seamless installation and subtle wood grain details evoke a sense of calm and simplicity. A minimalist console table with grey drawers and slender wooden legs echoes the clean lines and understated elegance of Scandinavian design. Complementary decor, such as a large candle and a simple potted plant in a rustic pot, enhance the spaces serene atmosphere. A welcoming mat at the entrance and a peek of crisp white skirting boards frame the laminate, completing this harmonious and modern entryway.

Above, Epoch Scandi Light Larch Laminate Flooring 10mm

Now you know our top hallway tile ideas, you are sure to be ready to get stuck into your own design and refresh that hallway! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team for help or advice in regards to what you’ll need to complete your space. Be sure to tag us in pictures of your complete designs over on Instagram, @Tilemountainuk, we love seeing our products in your homes, and you may get featured on our website!