Top Five Outdoor Patio Tiles

This summer has been, well, it’s been a bit rubbish really hasn’t it? There was that heatwave towards the back end of July which lasted a week or so and saw the UK chalk up its record temperature (if you can’t remember or are reading this in some sort of climate-change ravaged future dystopia, you can learn more about it here). Since then though, it seems to have rained almost every day since, quite literally putting the dampers any plans to enjoy your deftly styled outdoor areas.

What’s that? You haven’t got round to creating an outdoor haven of your very own yet and are planning on using any remaining shards of summer to build an exterior area to end all exterior areas in readiness for next summer? Well read on then as we bring you our top five outdoor patio tiles!

Style On A Budget

If you want that high-end premium aesthetic for your patio, veranda or exterior dining areas but don’t want to have to take out a second mortgage to achieve it then look no further than Basilea Outdoor Slab Tiles. These brushed concrete effect tiles measure in at a convenient 600x600mm and are constructed from 20mm thick porcelain, but most importantly, they simply exude understated elegance. At just £25.00 per sqm, you can create stylish external flooring and still have budget for chrome balustrades with glass panels to really top off the look.

Rugged & Real

All of our 20mm thick outdoor slab tiles are specially designed and constructed to stand up to the rigours of everyday use, but if you want to go that one extra and instil a rugged look in your exteriors then Dakota is the tile for you. Available in Light Grey and Dark Grey variants, these stylish tiles feature a riven surface texture that replicates the robust stone from which they take their inspiration. That rugged surface doesn’t just provide an authentic look though – it also guarantees they’ll stand up to both heavy foot traffic and the elements. Opt for these tiles if you’re looking to seamlessly extend indoor multi-use areas out into a veranda/patio.  

A Splash of Colour

Your garden and patio area should serve as your own tranquil haven – somewhere from which you can retreat from the stresses of everyday life, somewhere you can entertain guests, eat, drink and be merry (or just crash out and relax). Taking this into account, you might want to eschew the natural greys and sandy hues of natural and inject a bit of colour into proceedings. The Spanish-influenced (and mildly psychedelic) Andalucia can be used externally and is perfect for ‘zoning’ i.e. creating an area of flooring that really pops, flanked by other less attention-grabbing tiles. Our Hanoi range can be used in a similar way to create a focal point within an alfresco dining space.

Natural Vibes

There’s no doubt that natural stone flooring rocks a premium look but real stone is not always what it’s cracked up to be, especially when it comes to maintaining that high-end sheen. If you’re dead set on an authentic stone aesthetic however, but don’t want to contend with a time-consuming installation and hefty price tag, then our Kashmir Natura Outdoor Slab Tiles are your savior. Offering a faithful replication of genuine Kashmir white granite in 20mm thick porcelain slab form, these wondrous tiles look great as flooring for an expansive seating area or flanked by turf when used as a path adjoining two alfresco areas. Best of all though, they don’t cost the earth and cleaning them is as simple as giving them a quick hose down.

A Pattern Emerges

There’s no hard and fast rule that states all patio tiles must be neutral in colour, plain or inspired by nature, but if you’re not quite ready to push the boat out with eye-catching surface designs then you can have the best of both worlds with Concretia. This range of 20mm thick outdoor slabs comprises two plain concrete effect slabs; Concretia Black and Concretia White, plus three accompanying decor tiles available in black, grey, and white variants. Perfect for those wishing to add a sheen of elegance to their outdoor flooring but without risking the tiles pulling focus, these stunning tiles can be mixed and matched (Concretia Decor comprises 12 different surface designs with each box containing a random selection) to provide contrast without straying too far from a defined aesthetic.

Will you be creating a popping patio with porcelain paving slabs this summer? If so then we’d love to see pics of your completed projects – share on Twitter @TileMountainUK or tag us on Instagram !

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