Choosing A Thermostat For Underfloor Heating: All You Need To Know

As winter steadily looms into view many people will be thinking of installing underfloor heating (UFH) as part of their next tiling project. The most popular type of UFH for use with tiling installations is that of electric mat kits, such is their versatility and ease of installation. These type of systems consist of rolls of webbed matting which can be cut to size and connected together before being wired to the mains and tiled over.

Whilst installing the mats themselves is a fairly straightforward task that can easily be completed by a competent DIYer – see our handy video guide to learn just how to do it – choosing the right thermostat and connecting everything up can be a trickier task. Fear not though as we’re about answers some of the most common questions about electric underfloor heating thermostats…

Can Any Thermostat Be Used With Electric Underfloor Heating Kits?

The short answer is ‘yes’. A thermostat is pretty much the brain of the heating system and allows the user to switch the heating system off and on and control the temperature. Some of the more advanced thermostats also included extra functionality such as zone control, smartphone app and wi-fi connectivity, and remote operation. Nearly all thermostats however will offer basic 24 hours timer cycle functionality and individual temp settings.

Can I Install The Thermostat Myself?

Installing the thermostat differs from the installation of the UFH kit in that it’s an electrical installation. As such, this part of the job should only be carried out by a qualified professional. Electricians appointed to carry out this task should also be PART P qualified, so please do check the credentials of any tradesperson before having them carry out the job.

What Types of Thermostats Are Available?

How long have you got? The UFH thermostat options on the market currently are many and varied, although most fall into one of the below categories:


Standard Digital Thermostats

Generally quite basic in terms of the functionality offered, this type of thermostat is limited to controlling temperature, timed operation cycles, and pre-empt functions that heat up floors to a pre-determined temperature chosen by the user. Functionality will vary between brands and models but these are the basic modes that you will find across the board.

Touchscreen Digital Thermostats

Offering similar functionality as standard digital thermostats, this type of device is usually more aesthetically pleasing and features a full capacitive touch screen that makes operation more user-intuitive. Different modes and features are navigated to within a simple interface and an easy to use operating system makes programming timed cycles and other features as easy as setting a calendar reminder on a smartphone.

Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostats

This type of thermostat sits at the higher end of the scale and is packed full of functionality that makes controlling your UFH system remotely incredibly simple. Designed to fully integrate with the connected home, Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostats can be connected to a home network (usually via WPS) and the heating controlled via a smartphone or tablet using an app. Some variants are also Bluetooth enabled and can be controlled by a remote.

Can These Thermostats Be Used With Cable Kit Electric Underfoor Heating Mats?

Most thermostats designed for use with Electric Mat Kits can also be used with Cable Kits, although it’s always advisable to check the manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing a thermostat to use with your particular system.

How Much Heating Can I Install on One Thermostat?

The amount of UFH (in terms of power rating) that can be installed and controlled by one singular thermostat is limited. The table below provides a general outline of what is permissible.

Type of UFH System Wattage Thermostat Power Allowable UFH Meterage
Cable Kits 3600W 16 amp 24 sqm
Mat Kit 160W 16 amp 22 sqm
Mat Kit 200W 16 amp 18 sqm

Hopefully this article will have answered some of your most pressing questions about underfloor heating thermostats. However, if you’re still unsure as to which thermostat to purchase for use with your UFH system or would just like some further advice then then you can always give our friendly customer services team a call on 01782 223822 or use our live chat function on the website.

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