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Warm Up Your Space with Underfloor Heating: Comfort and Control

Transform your home into a haven of warmth and comfort with our Underfloor Heating at Tile Mountain. We’ve selected trusted brands like Ezemat and Warmtoes to offer you easy-to-use electric underfloor heating solutions that promise to make cold floors a thing of the past. Whether you’re renovating a bathroom, kitchen, or any living space, our underfloor heating mats and accessories are designed to enhance your home’s comfort. 

Effortless Installation with High-Quality Mats

Our range includes easy-to-install underfloor heating mats that are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. These mats are designed to provide a uniform distribution of heat, ensuring your floors remain consistently warm. Available in a variety of sizes, our underfloor heating mats can be tailored to fit the specific dimensions of your project, ensuring efficient heating without any wasted energy. To ensure you get the best out of your underfloor heating, explore our selection of insulation boards. They’re crucial for minimizing heat loss, directing the warmth upwards into your room and enhancing efficiency. By using insulation boards you’ll be investing in a cost-effective heating solution that keeps your space cost and heating bills low. 

Complete Control with Thermostats

Achieve precise control over your home's temperature with our variety of thermostats. These easy-to-use devices allow you to adjust and maintain the ideal temperature, ensuring your comfort. From basic models to advanced wifi controlled thermostats, we offer options that cater to your lifestyle and preferences, making it easier than ever to keep your home at the perfect temperature. 

For those looking to ensure the correct foundation for their underfloor heating, we also provide levelling compound options. A smooth and level base is essential for the optimal installation of underfloor heating, ensuring even heat distribution and prolonging the life of your heating systems. Explore our selection today and take the first step towards a cosier, more inviting home with our efficient and easy-to-install underfloor heating solutions.