Customer Tile Style Profile: Lisa & Scott’s Bathroom Refurb

Our Customer Tile Style Profile feature takes a closer look at some of the amazing renovation and redesign projects our customers undertake using products from the Tile Mountain range. The June edition of this new monthly series features Lisa & Scott Arrowsmith of Liverpool, who gave their bathroom a much-needed refresh using our Glossy Flat White tiles and Hammered Silver Grey Pebble mosaics. We caught up with them both to get the lowdown on their successful project…

What were the circumstances behind the project? 

We have lived in our home for over 10 years but have never been brave enough to do the bathroom as we wanted to completely change the layout to make better use of the space. Tiles started falling off the walls so that kind of forced our hand!

Was your choice of decor & colour scheme influenced by the tiles you chose, or did you pick the tiles to fit in with a style you’d chosen for the rest of the room?

I Initially picked different tiles for the feature wall, but they were unavailable so I worked with the team at Tile Mountain to select the glass pebble mosaics. I think if I am honest, they actually look better than the original choice would have. I wanted to have a modern bathroom that is a little bit luxurious and I think the glass tiles provide that, whereas the white tiles give the clean smart lines and should not date too badly.

What made you decide that the tiles you chose were the right tiles for your project?

After a couple of tile dramas (as explained above) we decided on the mosaics based on the samples sent out by Tile Mountain. We had lots of positive feedback from our tile fitter who said they were great as they are the same depth of a standard ceramic tile, making joining them easier.

How long did the project take to complete and did you do the tiling yourself or hire a professional tiler?

We had another project ongoing at the same time, so all in all we have been having work done for 2.5 months.  All works have been completed by our tile fitter, Joe, and he has done a great job. The actual bathroom took four weeks to complete as it was bigger than a standard bathroom. We’d also re-jigged the layout which added to the work. Our house is quite old too (built in 1905) and it seemed that there wasn’t a straight wall to be found! Additionally, when the rip out was going on we found a cave where the toilet used to be, something which obviously had to be repaired.

What part of the project was most difficult and why?

The most difficult part was the mess as lath and plaster walls had to be removed to accommodate pipework. I think we under estimated the size and scale of the work if I’m being truthful.

Do you have any further decorating projects lined up?

After all the recent works we’ve decided to have a break for a few years, aside from a few cosmetic improvements here and there.  We will look at tiling the kitchen and hall floors at some point in the future.

What advice would you give to people considering undertaking a similar project?

Make sure you have a contingency plan, especially if you live in an older property, and make sure you budget for materials like plaster board as opposed to just thinking about the bathroom suite, fitter’s wages, and tiles.

What would you say to people who are thinking about buying tiles from Tile Mountain?

The team at Tile Mountain have been really helpful! For me, when things go well it is fantastic, but it’s when you have problems that true customer service comes through. As mentioned, we had problems with our tiles not being available in time for us to complete our building project, so Tile Mountain worked with me to find suitable alternatives, which they didn’t have to do. I was notified straight away of the problems and they tried to source the tiles we originally wanted but as they were unavailable from the manufacturer, another tile was selected.

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