Trend Watch: Dark Kitchens

Whilst light, bright kitchens may be the norm in kitchen design, if you really want to have your finger on the pulse of the latest trends, it may be time to go dark. It seems a natural progression, really, as we’ve begun to embrace the look of darker paint colours in our interiors that kitchens would follow suit. Black has been, well, the new black for a few years now and manufacturers have followed suit, with darker richer colours used in everything from cabinets and tiles to appliances and beyond.

Now, a dark kitchen may seem strange to the uninitiated but for those that have embraced the ‘dark side’, there’s no doubt the finished result is certainly a head-turner. So, if you’re ready for something completely different, here are our top tips and inspiration for achieving a dark, mysterious, and moody look for your kitchen.

Consider Some Contrast

If you are just starting to think about adding a touch of black to your kitchen, the easiest way to live with this bold look is to combine it with lighter shades. In the kitchen above, the walls and floors are kept light and bright which create an interesting contrast to the darker cabinets. Consider a pale floor tile or white wall tiles for your backsplash and light coloured worktops for a perfectly balanced and striking look.

Lighting Up a Dark Kitchen

Of course, one of the most often overlooked factors in kitchen design is the lighting. This becomes even more important, however, when using darker colours in your kitchen. As deeper shades naturally absorb more light, you’ll need to ensure you include plenty of task lighting for meal prep. A few spotlights or ceiling lights alongside wall lighting and under-cabinet lighting will mean there are no nasty accidents. If you are looking for tips on lighting up your kitchen, check out our blog post on that very subject.

When you aren’t preparing meals or require bright lighting, then you may want to add some mood lighting as well. Interior designer Abigail Ahern’s kitchen (seen above), includes strings of fairy lights, votive candles, and a vintage chandelier, all of which are typical of the quirky, collected look she is known for.

Add in Warm Metallics

One of the most gorgeous ways to embrace two trends at once is to mix in a few warmer metallic shades like gold or copper which will go far in reflecting a bit of light around the room. Gold and brass taps are another big trend – check out our post on that for more inspiration – and they stand out and make a statement with darker colours as seen in Rachel’s kitchen above.

There’s no need to worry about matching the finishes on all your hardware, appliances and lighting either in a dark kitchen. If you have stainless steel appliances, you can still enjoy brass handles on your cabinets or display your favourite collection of copper pots as seen in our example above. This mix-and-match approach will give you a more eclectic look with a unique twist all your own.

Add in a Touch of Wood

For a more rustic or traditional design, try combining darker cabinets and walls with natural and wood for an updated twist on a classic design. Wood and natural textures will bring warmth into any design scheme, especially in a kitchen where often cold finishes and straight lines prevail. Reclaimed wood can be used as rustic open shelving or vintage pieces of furniture can be upcycled as additional work surfaces.

Butcher block worktops are another strong look for a dark kitchen alongside exposed original beams or simply by displaying wood cutting boards – anywhere the natural grain of wood shows through. If you love the look of a wood floor, why not have a look at wood effect floor tiles?

Try Green or Blue Instead

Still unconvinced by a black or dark grey kitchen? Consider using darker colours instead like rich deep blue or dark emerald green. Kitchen design has been moving towards more unconventional shades for a few years now and so choosing a coloured cabinet can be the perfect way to express your own unique take on this trend.

Is a dark kitchen something you’d consider for your own home? Let us know in the comments or share your photos with us by tweeting us @TileMountainUK or tag us on Instagram!

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