How to Add Autumn Colours to Your Interiors

We sat in our garden this weekend, cold drinks in hand and lamented that it would probably be one of the last times we could sit in shorts with the sun blazing over us. Yes, it’s officially September now and with that, the end of the British summer. While the passing of a season always feels a bit transitional, we can also look at it like a fresh new slate. What will we do in the next season? What memories will we create? What will we accomplish? It can be a lovely time to reflect upon our lives as well as our homes.

One of my favourite things about the Autumn is the beautiful colours that nature provides to us. The leaves turn golden, the sunsets are rich in warm tones of reds and pinks and the entire country is bathed in a lower sun that makes us want to slow down and appreciate the coming cosy season. With the transition in our wardrobes from shorts and sandals to jeans and jackets, our home should go through a similar transition. There’s of course no need to completely redecorate but adding a few of the season’s finest colours to our home will create a similar cosy vibe for Autumn.

Today I wanted to share some of my favourite Autumn colours with you and how to add these in simple ways to your home.

Mustard Yellow

Claire Brody Designs autumn bedroom

This is probably one of my favourite colours to use as an accent around the home as it warms up a space and marries well with lots of other hues, both dark and light. It’s also bang on trend right now so you’ll find it easy to find a few bits and pieces on the high street to add a soft punch of colour to your interiors. Consider a few mustard velvet cushions on your bed or a soft knit in this colour on your sofa for instant Autumn chic.

Rusted Orange

orange pink and salmon cushions

With the changing of the leaves and pumpkin season around the corner, you’ll see this colour nearly everywhere as Autumn approaches. Bring nature into your home by incorporating the look in your accessories. Here, an all white scheme is easily updated with the addition of a cosy pile of cushions that make you want to stay in bed for an extra 5 minutes!

Cranberry Red

velvet sofa in berry room

This beautiful regal shade of red has been popular for decades now and works especially well in Victorian style properties. If the latest trend for blush pink feels a bit too childish for you, then this shade could be its wonderfully mature alternative. Consider bringing in a simple touch by way of autumn blooms, candles or a few accessories in this colour for a sophisticated look this season.

Olive Green

olive green sofa

One of my all time favourite colours is olive green, as demonstrated in my olive velvet sofa seen above. This is the perfect transitional colour that works across the seasons but feels especially fitting for Autumn. For a cosy space, consider a weekend makeover by painting a room in this warm shade or a small piece of furniture as a simple accent and add a touch of leopard print for an exotic vibe.

Mushroom Grey

dark florals from marks and spencer

While greys have been on trend for the last few years, this particular shade comes to the fore when we think about the start of the cooler season. Look for shades with a reddish-brown undertone for an effect that’s less stark than it’s bluer counterparts. It looks delicious paired with other dark shades and a splash of brights.

What colours will you be adding to your interiors this season? I’d love to hear from you in the comments or tweet us at @TileMountain1 to let us know!

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