2017 Tile Trends: The Experts Predict What’s Next!

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom can be an enjoyable but difficult process. As a kitchen or  bathroom is not a room that’s quickly and easily changed, you want to invest in the colour, style and finish that you’ll still love in years to come. You might be overwhelmed with choice, wondering whether to play it safe or take a risk in your design.

I recently joined in a discussion with six other interior design bloggers, all with their pulse on what’s currently hot in design and what they feel will be bang on trend for tiles in 2017. Here’s what we’re predicting will be the biggest trends in tiles for 2017!

So let’s get started…

Patterned Tiles

patterned tiles

“Patterned tiles. Doesn’t matter what colour as long as they’re patterned. Bathrooms and kitchens are full of straight lines and hard surfaces and a patterned tile brings some softness – even if it’s a monochrome pattern (my favourite). It’s also a really good way to bring in your own personality. These rooms can often look very similar – lots of white and grey – and a patterned tile shows you have really thought about the space and brought your own personality to the room.” ~ Kate Watson-Smyth, Mad About the House

Check out our Soho range for contemporary geometric style or our Moroccan-inspired Marrakech range to get this look.

Creative Layouts

Metros laid out vertically

“I’ve seen a trend for arranging rectangular metro tiles vertically instead of horizontally, in straight lines not a brick pattern. It looks somehow cleaner and more contemporary, especially if it’s in a strong colour such as black with grey grout. I’m going to be doing it in my new kitchen!” ~ Cate St Hill, Cate St Hill.com

herringbone tiles

“I believe we’ll see more creative layouts in tiles. With budgets stretched, using inexpensive tiles in different layouts can update and elevate a simple rectangular or metro style tile. I particularly love the herringbone look and it’s simple to achieve.” ~ Kimberly Duran of Swoon Worthy

Looking for exciting new ways to lay your tiles? Check out our post on 10 New Ways to Lay Wall and Floor Tiles.

Coloured Tiles

coloured tiles

“I believe we’re seeing a growing trend to use coloured tiles. Much like we’re going darker with paint on our walls, we’ll be using wall tiles with more saturated colour. Emerald green springs to mind particularly as it goes so well with the current trend for filling the house with plants.” ~ Carole King, Dear Designer

We’ve got a huge range of coloured tiles available in our Prismatics range!

Hex and Shaped Tiles

hex tiles with black grout

“I think we’ll be seeing an increase in the use of shaped tiles, like hexagons and triangles. They’re really effective used both on floors and walls and can help create style and design with limited effort.” ~ Rachel Newcombe, Fresh Design Blog

Our Apollo Range comes in classic black, white and grey or if you are looking for something with a little more sparkle, why not consider a hex mosaic tile instead?

Vintage Reborn

vintage reborn

“The lines between all things contemporary and vintage are blurring, with high street shops selling new furniture and home decor to look old. Eclectic interiors are becoming increasingly popular but it’s a hard look to pull off, to make it appear authentic.” ~ Karen Knox, Making Spaces

Consider the classic metro tile for the perfect mix of old and new.

A Return to Terracotta

terracotta tiles

“Hello early 90s! Terracotta is going to make a huge comeback in our homes as part of the growing design trend I’m calling Desert Wanderer: This trends is all about the quality of hand made items and their raw materials, but in a clean simpler way. Think orange tones, muted saffron and cinnamon shades mixed with kilim prints, hammer beaten metal furniture mixed with layers upon layers woven fabrics and cushions. Time to revisit terracotta tiles on your floors, walls – and even ceilings!” ~ Maxine Brady, We Love Home

For a Mediterranean feel, consider our beautiful range of quarry floor tiles.

Black is the New Black (Again)

black bathroom

“Black is the new black (again). It never goes out in my opinion! Also I’ll be looking out for fixings and fittings coming in more colours and finishes. Why on earth taps for example are 95% silver/chrome I’ll never know but brass, bronze and gold is creeping up behind and I’m hoping to see more colours come through. I’m currently on the hunt for some black bathroom taps!” ~ Karen Knox, Making Spaces

We have a huge range of black wall tiles to get the look!

A big thanks to all our experts for their opinions! Now it’s your turn. What do YOU think will be popular trends in tiles next year? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments or tweet us your thoughts @TileMountain1 !

Don’t forget, you can use our Tile Visualiser to see what your tiles might look like in your next design and be sure to take advantage of our free tile sample service as well to make choosing your tiles a little easier!