How to Breathe New Life into Your Home

The festivities of the last month are now over, the Christmas decorations have been stored in the loft for another year and suddenly your home is looking a little bland, a little lack-lustre. The lack of daylight certainly doesn’t help but if your home if feeling a bit sad and neglected, January is a great time to breathe some new life into it.

Every January, I give my home a bit of a refresh without having to spend much money, if any at all. There are plenty of smaller things you can do shake up your decor and make it feel fresh again. Today, I’m sharing my top tips on getting a new-to-you look that doesn’t break the bank.

Do a Deep Clean

black and white kitchen

While many of us may wait until Spring to give our homes a good deep clean, I find January is the perfect time for me to tackle those little areas that seem to be neglected far too often. You may have had a Christmas tree that’s shed it’s needles or lots of guests in your home during the festive season so it’s always a good idea at this point to spend a good few hours or a weekend cleaning, hoovering and dusting your home. Be sure to clean the windows as well to take advantage of whatever natural light we may get at this time of year. It’s in short supply so having windows that are dusty or dirty won’t let all that precious light indoors.

Take Advantage of the January Sales

coffee table styling

Of course, with budgets stretched from the holiday season, it’s not always easy to spend a lot of money redecorating an entire room. However, most retailers are letting go of last season’s stock so be sure to hit up the clearance sections of their websites to take advantage of any big discounts on things you’ve been searching for.

I’ve been able to pick up lots of smaller decor items from books and candles to storage containers and cushions for half their retail price simply by waiting for those January sales.

Do a Swap

bedroom chest of drawers

One of the easiest ways to refresh your home is also one of my favourites. Swapping accessories or soft furnishings from one room to another can suddenly make you see an item in a whole new light just by changing the context. I recently swapped some of artwork from my bedroom with my home office and swapped the rug that was in my dining room with the one in the living room.  These smaller changes can inject a room with a new colour or a new feel, making the room feel fresh and new again.

Edit and Sell

home office with hanging chair

If you find yourself dealing with daily clutter, now is a great time to consider selling the furniture or accessories you just don’t love any longer. You can try online auction sites, a car boot sale or Facebook selling groups for your local area. Let go of those things that may still be in great shape but no longer work for your decor, style or needs. By selling them, you may find you have a few extra pounds to go towards the items you really love and the space in your home to let them shine.

Crack Out The Paint

pale grey dining room

Painting a room may seem like a daunting prospect but when you consider a tin of paint can give a room a totally new lease on life for less than £50 (usually much less) in just an afternoon, it’s definitely something to consider. Why not try one of the latest trends and go with a deep navy blue or lighten and refresh a space with a pale grey? It’s also a great way to try on trends without a huge commitment. Take a pale room to a moody dark colour or bring life back into a space with a soft pale one.

What will you be doing to give your home a refresh this January? We’d love to see! Let us know in the comments, tweet us on @TileMountain1 or tag us on Instagram!

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