Tile Trends You’ll Love in 2017

It’s a fresh new year and with that, we may be considering what projects we wish to take on during the next 12 months. If a new bathroom or kitchen is high on your wishlist, one of the biggest impacts you can make will be in the tiles you choose for the space. Depending upon your choice, you could go bold and patterned or quiet and calm and the look will change dramatically so getting it right in the planning stages is incredibly important.

If you are looking for ideas, you might want to consider some of the latest trends in tiles that we’ll be seeing over the next year. Whether you are looking for something more classic and traditional or something edgy and exciting, there really is something for everyone.

Patterned Tiles

Catarina-Marrakech-Tiles-Tile -Trends

With bohemian accents and global designs awash on the High Street, the look of patterned tiles will give your home a well-travelled twist, even if you haven’t left the country in 10 years. Combine it with natural wood and lots of plant life for a relaxed vibe.

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Creative Tile Layouts


If you thought tiles could only be laid in one or two ways, this year will show you that there are a myriad of different patterns you can try. From herringbone patterns to brick bond to basketweave and windmill, get creative with a bit of pattern play! Combine two or more colours to draw attention to a wall or floor or keep things simple with tiles in the same colour and let the grout lines do the talking.

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Tiles That Bring the Outside In


A huge trend for this year is bringing the outdoors in. When we are surrounded by technology day in and day out, utilising elements we see in the natural world – from marble to wood to slate and stone – grounds us and brings us back down to earth. It makes us feel more connected to nature and can be a calming influence in our busy lives. There are so many different kinds of tiles that use natural materials or elements of nature to inspire the design and using these materials creates a calm and beautiful space.

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Glass Effect Tiles


And lastly, glass and reflective materials is another big trend this year. Iridescent styles were seen in design exhibitions across the world with beautiful colours, metallic effects and mirrored accents appearing in everything from furniture to wall treatments. Make your space sparkle beautifully with glass effect tiles which will bounce any available light around the space.

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