The Best Glass Mosaic Iridescent Tiles

One of the biggest trends of the last few years is the use of reflective materials in our homes. From warm copper to dazzling gold, high shine furniture to lacquer accessories and inset pearl in wood, it’s all about the shimmer in interiors right now. And that trend is set to continue into 2017 with predictions of iridescent materials and coloured glass making waves in cutting edge design shows across the world.

Reflective materials like this allow light to reflect from it, creating a lovely effect, bouncing that reflection around a room and thus creating a brighter and more interesting space. Using materials with iridescent qualities like glass mosaic tiles is one way to take what is normally a more utilitarian space – like a kitchen or bathroom – to the next level.

We have a full range of glass mosaic tiles here at Tile Mountain in lots of fabulous colours and styles that will allow you to embrace this beautiful trend and bring a bit of shimmer to your next project.

With full on iridescent shine, our Diesel Brick Glass Mosaic creates drama with an endless array of shimmering hues to dazzle and delight. For a real statement, consider using this tile as a creative splashback in your kitchen or as a backdrop to your bathroom fixtures.


If you love a bit of feminine glamour, why not consider a stunning glass mosaic tile in various hues of pink? Combined with white tiles, the effect is one of sublime indulgence – a place to pamper yourself and relax, whether you are starting your day or ending it.


Want a similar effect but with a more neutral scheme? Then you’ll love our Hong Kong Beige Mix Glass Mosaic tiles. Give your space a spa-like feel combined with wood accents and white for a touch of luxury.


Bring the outdoors in with our Hammered Blue Glass Mosaic tiles. Reminiscent of shimmering stones in a river bed, perfectly smoothed by the passing waters, these stunning tiles will catch the light and give your space an organic feel. They also come in pink!


If your style tends more towards the classic monochrome, you’ll love our Hong Kong Silver Mix Mosaic tiles which marry beautifully with black and white tiles alongside gleaming chrome fixtures.


Adding texture with glass mosaic tiles is easy as well. The stunning raised leaf pattern in our Antique Grey Glass Mix Mosaic is both contemporary and classic with striking contrasts of smokey grey and soft champagne.


And finally, for those on the cutting edge of design, you’ll know that hex tiles are the new metros, with this beautiful pattern being incorporated for sophisticated style to both residential and commercial properties by interior designers everywhere. Combined with an iridescent glass effect, our Hammered Hex Silver Grey Mosaic Mix are the perfect finishing touch to your next project.


This, of course, is just a small sample of the glass mosaic tiles we have. Check out our full range here.

Want to see how easy it is to install mosaic tiles? Check out our video with Craig Philips where he demonstrates how to use mosaic backer sheets which will make installation of your tiles a breeze.