10 New Ways to Lay Wall Tiles and Floor Tiles

One of the most talked about trends in tiles at the moment is all about pattern play. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with tiling in a standard format, by taking into account the grout lines and negative space created when placing typical rectangular or square shapes near each other, you can create a rather statement-making display on your walls or floors.

Today I wanted to share a whopping ten different ways you can lay your walls tiles or your floor tiles that you may not have considered previously. Some of these you may already be familiar with – in fact, brick bond and herringbone patterns have been around for millennia but they can still look very fresh and new depending upon the tiles you use and the grout chosen along with them. If you are looking for ideas on making even the simplest tiles stand out, you’ve come to the right place.

Any of these patterns can be created whether you are using wall tiles or floor tiles – the only real limit is your imagination. Our infographic shows what different options you can consider for your home. Keep scrolling to see examples of each!

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See examples of each pattern below…

One-Third Staggered Brick Bond Tile Pattern


Basketweave Tile Pattern


Diamond Tile Pattern


Herringbone Layout


Windmill Layout


Flemish Bond


Stagger Square




Diagonal with Dots


Block Herringbone


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