How to Cut Straight Tiles

There are a couple of ways of measuring how much tile you’ll need to cut away when it comes to finishing off your tiling project, and with the help of our resident DIY expert, Craig Phillips, we’re here to explain how to cut straight tiles!


You will need:

Layer your Tiles

The first method is to layer your tiles on top of one another, to see where you need to mark and cut. Here’s how:

Once you’ve laid all your tiles and have come to the point where you need to cut the rest to finish the job, you can layer your tiles on top of one another to see where you need to mark. Get a full sized, uncut tile and line up with the tile you’ll be working next to. Then grab another full sized tile and layer on top, pushing it up against the wall, or the point you’d like your tiling to end. Use a pen to make a mark at either end of the middle tile in the stack, where the top tile ends.

Layered tiles to measure how much tile needs to be cut away.

Once you’ve marked the part of the tile that needs cutting away, push your tile cutter up against the wall to score and cut the tile. Place your tile into the cutter, lining up your marks at either end in the centre. Score from one end to the other, and then use the attachment with a quick, sharp movement to snap the tile where it’s been scored.

Using a tile cutter to cut the tile after it's been marked how much will need to be taken off.

When the tile has been cut, do a dry run of your cut tile and if all pieces fit, lay the appropriate piece as you previously laid the rest of your tiles.

Using a Tape Measure

The second way of measuring how much tile you need to cut away is by using a tape measure. Place it up against the wall and take note of where it meets the tiles you’ve already laid. Using this measurement, make a mark either end of the tile you’d like to cut.

Measuring how much tile will need to be cut away with a tape measure.

Use the tile cutter the same as previously mentioned to score and cut the tile where you made your marks. Do a dry run of your cut tiles, if they all fit, lay them as you laid the previous tiles.

When your tiles are laid and grouted, wipe over them with a wet sponge to remove any excess grout. Repeat this a couple of times until your tiles and nice and clean.

There you have our guide on how to cut straight tiles. Check out our YouTube channel for more help and advice on all your DIY needs, and tag us in your projects on Instagram, @Tilemountainuk.

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