How to Make the Most of Natural Light in Your Home

With longer days and the sun higher in the sky, beaming its warm rays upon us, it’s time to open the windows and get that fresh breeze blowing through. A light and airy home is one thing that tops many home buyer’s lists and there’s little wonder why. Natural light is thought to increase serotonin levels, a hormone that makes us feel happier as well as calm and focused. We all want to live in a happy home that makes us feel good, settled and where we belong. So taking advantage of whatever quantity and quality of light we receive into our homes makes sense.

But are you making the most of the natural light in your home? Are there things you can do to make your home feel lighter, fresher and brighter? Here are a few ways you can make the most of the natural light coming into your home.

Clean Your Windows

kitchen with black window frames

It may not be the most exciting task on your to-do list but cleaning the windows inside and out will rid them of the dust and dirt that’s settled through the coldest months and allow as much light as possible into your home. For the most streak-free results, use a white vinegar and water solution and buff dry with newspaper or a microfibre cloth.

Hang Curtains High and Wide


If you’ve got heavy window treatments or lined curtains blocking your window, the sunlight is just not going to penetrate them. Instead, consider hanging curtains about 1-3 inches from the ceiling all the way to the floor and wide enough so that when the curtains are drawn, they don’t block any of the light coming through the window. Not only that, as a bonus, your ceilings will look higher and your room bigger – win, win!

Swap to Lighter Fabrics and Colours In Summer

light pale living room

We all know that lighter colours reflect light and darker colours absorb it. So consider getting the paint brush out and giving your room a lighter, fresher feel with a new coat. White works with nearly any style but if your room is particularly dark, consider a pale soft grey instead. If painting isn’t an option or you want to take it a little further, swap out any heavy or dark accessories or textiles for paler colours that lift a room.

Use Mirrors to Bounce Light Around

light bedroom with mirror

A trick that interior designers have been using for years, mirrors are what you might call ‘the triple threat’ – they bounce any available light around a room, double the depth of the space and can really add fantastic style to your space. Consider placing a lamp in front of a mirror to brighten a room in the evenings or place it on a wall directly across from a window to double the amount of light in the space.

Use Reflective Metals

gold framed print on wallpaper

Similar to mirrors, any reflective surfaces will create a touch of brightness wherever you put them so consider items with a metallic finish like silver, gold or copper and furniture with a glossy or lacquer finish to really create a bright space during the longest days.

Use Reflective Tiles in the Kitchen and Bathroom 

Quartz Stone Snow Tile

And finally, consider giving a dark kitchen or bathroom a lift by using either glossy tiles which will bounce light back into the room or ones with a reflective or mirror finish for a similar effect.

How will you be taking advantage of the increased light this season? I’d love to know if you have more tips to add!

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