How to Tile a Shower Cubicle

Craig Phillips started his working life as an apprentice bricklayer, and after several years of studying went on to set up his own successful construction company. In 2000, his life took a dramatic change when he won Britain’s first ever reality TV show, Big Brother.  Craig put his new found fame to use, and went on to combine his knowledge of construction and media savvy to forge a brilliant career as one of the UK’s leading DIY and home improvement experts.

With his vast knowledge, we thought he’d be the perfect person to help create our series of  ‘How To Videos’ that are designed to answer the top ten most frequently asked questions that we receive about tiles and tiling.

In our third video of the series, Craig takes you through the process of how to tile a shower cubicle.

Some Important Things to Remember…

Make sure you get the prep right before starting your tiling! Use waterproof pro boards and seal all the joins with water proof tape to ensure there’s no water ingress once your shower is in use.


While you can be sure your tray has been fit level, you can’t always guarantee your walls will be plumb so Craig recommends when using a larger tile as shown here, starting off with a cut first and install that cut edge tight into the corner.


Always use a water-resistant adhesive and apply enough adhesive for the entire row for a level bed so all your tiles fit nice and flush.


Once your first course is cut and fixed into position, it’s important to use your spacers correctly. Put spacers at both ends of each tile and the underside of your tile to leave a gap for the silicone beading that you’ll apply later. Then you can spread the adhesive and fix the next course of tiles.


For a brick work effect, find and mark the centre of your tile and align this mark with the spacing in the first course of tiles below.


Make sure to wipe off any excess adhesive from the front of your tiles as you work before it dries. You can use a tile spacer to run along the grout lines, raking out the adhesive from the joints to allow space for your grout for a perfectly level finish.


We hope you enjoyed this video! If you’re about to embark upon a similar project, take a look at our full waterproofing product range before you begin.

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