Let’s Get Energy Efficient

Wow, it’s got cold very quickly, hasn’t it?! Which means we should all be doing all we can to be as energy efficient as possible…to keep ourselves warm and comfortable without wasting money on fuel bills. And it doesn’t just have to be about using less to save £££s either, it’s about using energy wisely and not wastefully. Check out our hot energy efficiency tips to find out how you can keep your interiors warm and cosy and still save energy this winter…

Circular Warmth

As it’s actually now just starting to snow where we are, it’s a rather cosy feeling to be looking at stoves and heating ideas! This is the Nestor Martin MQ33 from Eurostove, which is a rotating cast iron stove that can be turned to face whichever direction you want to cosy up in. It’s a multi-fuel model with closed combustion, and has an efficiency rating of 77.6%.

Saving Energy: The Basics

There are some very simple steps to take to make a noticeable difference in your energy usage, they may be familiar, but bear repeating.

  • Keep an eye on your thermostat. Don’t whack it up to 20°C as 18°C is perfectly acceptable (we’re generally happy with 16 °C with the addition of a hot water bottle if we’re sitting watching Netflix!). Individual thermostatic radiator valves help too, adjust for individual room usage and don’t heat a room that isn’t used. Yes it may mean running around turning things up and down, but hey, activity is good! And of course, there are numerous Smart Energy systems out there if you want to invest to be able to control your home from your phone, such as Nest.
  • For a clear and concise guide however, look at this down to earth guide from The Energy Savings Trust. Some of the savings involve spending money to save it later on, but in the meantime it’s good to know your home is working efficiently. Always look at ways of improving the energy efficiency of your home when planning a new project – for example, adding underfloor heating when laying new flooring, and looking at efficient radiators and other heating options when working on a new kitchen or bathroom.
  • Smart Meters seem to have become a contentious issue, but we’d say that they do make you more energy conscious as they encourage you to be more mindful of what you’re using. They don’t tell us anything we don’t already know, but to see the numbers going up every few minutes does make you think (and pop upstairs to get an extra jumper whilst turning the bedroom radiators off!).

New Blues

If you’re working on new bathroom plans (to include Ezemat underfloor heating for a cosy and cost-effective atmosphere), take a look at some of our new tile designs; the floor tiles here are our new Mr Jones Azure Blue in porcelain, with a matt finish, and suitable for floors and walls. This classic design would look good in any interior scheme, from contemporary to traditional.

Grey Tones

And naturally, if we have a new design we like to make sure it comes in several colourways…so here is Mr Jones in Grey  (there’s also a cream version). Once again, consider installing with Underfloor Heating, which can be controlled via a timer and thermostat for efficient usage. See more details on our thermostats and timers here. Remember, if you have questions or need advice, our friendly customer services guys are always available – chat with an expert online or call us on 01782 223822.

Stay Warm

From left: Revamp your bathroom (or kitchen) heating with a new radiator, this is from the Pure Bathroom Collection by SmithsBriten and it’s a good idea for small spaces – great for airing a folded stack of towels as well as hanging in the normal manner. In the middle is the new design from Vogue Radiators is the Contemporary Quadrate Harmonique, with a high heat output and modern lines. And last up, this Sandy The Sheep Footstool from Red Candy isn’t actually going to keep you warm or even make you more energy efficient, but it looks fabulous and will make the living room look nice and inviting on a cold winter’s day!

Design Inspiration

There’s a strong trend for matching wall and floor tiles – which produces a streamlined look and enhances a feeling of spaciousness, even when dark colours are used. There are our Surface Mid Grey Lapatto porcelain tiles; remember larger tiles mean fewer grout lines, resulting in a clean, sleek look.

On Trend

We liked this new radiator from Aestus – it has the rather odd style name Trendy but it does come in a wonderful finish called Ancient Bronze, and it’s a very good choice if you want to warm up the overall look of your new bathroom. Take a look at our Carrara marble-look wall and floor tiles to create a similar look.

Snuggle Up Efficiently

As mentioned earlier, there’s no need to have the heating on full, make yourself more energy efficient by grabbing a hot water bottle and getting some blankets out if you’re planning a Netflix binge! We like the Bavarian Wolf Faux Fur Throw from BeanBagBazaar; An electric radiator can be an energy-efficient way to heat the home – they are particularly useful in the summer when the main central heating system is switched off but you want to air some towels or other items. A great idea for cloakrooms or shower rooms too. This is the Oni Electric Design Radiator from Vasco, head to their Sustainable Electric Heating page for info on sustainable and energy-efficient projects. And we just had to point you in the direction of this gloriously snuggly Mohair Blanket in Cloudberry Orange from Cloudberry Living. Just the job for wrapping up on cold days!

Hot Stuff

And lastly, we’re looking at the Morso 6143 log burning stove, which has an impressive A+ Energy performance rating and it’s also EcoDesignReady, which means it’s meets the Stove Industry Alliance’s higher efficiency rating. It’s DEFRA approved too, which means it can be used in a Smoke Control Area.

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