Trend Watch: Curves, Circles, Scallops, and Lozenge Shapes

Curvy shapes have never before been more popular. Thankfully, we aren’t talking about Kim Kardashian here, we’re talking about curves in interior design. Rounded shapes are taking over in everything from furniture to lighting design, tile patterns and kitchen storage. From circles and scallops to lozenge shapes, curves are big news right now and happily, they are easy to incorporate into your home with plenty of choices across the entire home design market.

But why are they such big news now and why should you consider incorporating them into your next design project? Read on to find out…

Why Are Curves So Popular Right Now?

2LG Studio Kitchen

2LG Studio’s dining room includes rounded display cabinets designed in conjunction with John Lewis of Hungerford.

There are likely a few reasons we are seeing so many curves in the design world right now. The first is that 80s designs are back in fashion in a big way and while they’ve been reinterpreted for the 21st century, that influence is being felt across many different things. Statement curves in bold colour blocking was seen across the design shows this year, with lozenge shapes incorporated across almost every element of the design scene.

Barker and Stonehouse curved sofa, chairs and tables.

Barker and Stonehouse curved sofa and chairs add softness to harder edges.

The second is the influence of Art-Deco, another big design trend which incorporates plenty of curvy shapes in its glamorous style. With opulent design creating waves, we’re seeing more and more scalloped furniture and rounded seating than ever before.

Anthropologie Bed

A collaboration between Bethan Gray and Anthropologie where scalloped designs add softness and glamour to any room.

And the third reason may just be that curves feel comforting and easy on the eye. In a world where we may feel more anxious or out of control, those curved shapes make us feel calm, softening the edges and grounding us to more organic, natural comforts.

Are There Benefits to Incorporating Curves in a Room Design?

Lounge Light Grey Matt Porcelain Tiles from Tile Mountain

Rounded shapes soften the harder lines in a bathroom featuring Lounge Light Grey Matt Porcelain Tiles by Tile Mountain

Aside from being ahead of the curve (pun very much intended) in terms of trends, there’s another great reason to incorporate more curves in your interiors. Most rooms are square or rectangular in shape and thus, we tend to use choose furniture that fits easily into that shape – square tables, rectangular sofa shapes or square tiles sit easily against those walls and make the best use of the space we have.

Houseof Horizontal Curve Ceiling Lights

Houseof’s Horizontal Curve Ceiling Light is an easy way of incorporating curves in your design.

However, including a few curved shapes in your space will soften all those hard angles, creating a more welcoming space and giving the room a bit of a softer edge.

John Lewis Lozenge Mirror

This Lozenge Mirror from John Lewis & Partners contrasts nicely against the harder lines of most rectangular spaces.

Even something as simple as a large round mirror above a fireplace or a circular sink in your bathroom design will go a long way in balancing out all the harder edges of most rooms.

Our Favourite Tiles to Add Curves

While a straight-edged square or rectangular tile is always going to be easier to install and cost-effective, it doesn’t mean you can’t include circular shapes in your tiling project. We have a huge selection of tiles with curvy patterns that will add that all-important curve appeal!

Our Swing Decor Blue Geometric tiles are a great way to incorporate both the pattern tile trend as well as adding a fun geometric twist to your kitchen design. This eye-catching repeat provides a focal point as a splashback or floor and we love how that circular pattern is repeated in both the chairs and the tulip-style table.

Looking for something more traditional? These gorgeous Victorian-style tiles would blend seamlessly in period properties as well as they do when mixed with more contemporary elements. While the circular shapes in the tiles create instant impact, we see once again, the curved shapes are repeated from the arc of the bath tap to the shape of the sink to the planters and lighting, creating a contemporary vibe with a traditional twist.

If you love a more traditional look, then our Riga tiles could be just the thing to add a few more curves into your decor. With a mix-and-match pattern design, each tile incorporates a patchwork of curves with a rustic touch.

Will you be incorporating curved shapes in your next project? We’d love to hear if you’re loving this trend! Let us know on Twitter @TileMountainUK or tag us on Instagram!

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