Ultimate Combinations: Shaped & Patterned Tiles & Plain Walls

This month’s edition of Ultimate Combinations sees us taking a closer look at clever combinations of Shaped and Patterned tiles with plain walls. It’s an easy combination that works in almost any interior design situation. In a nutshell, let the beauty of a shaped or patterned tile do all the work, then choose a plain version or simply use paint for the walls. Here are some of our favourite examples of this Ultimate Combination…

Aritz Pink Patterned Wall & Floor Luken White Pre Scored Wall | Tile Mountain

Aritz Pink Patterned Wall & Floor and Luken White Pre Scored Wall | Tile Mountain


Curves & Circles

Aritz Pink Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles are a new addition to our collection, and work very well as a floor feature when combined with plain wall tiles – in this case, Luken White Pre Scored Wall Tiles  and white emulsion and wall panels for the rest of the room. A neat, elegant and simple scheme that has interest, shape and pattern without being overwhelming.

Star Shapes

It’s in the stars! Take a closer look at our new Bliss Grey Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles. There are several shades of grey within this surface pattern, making it very easy to pick a complimentary shade for your plain walls. Or why not go wild with a vivid peacock-blue or emerald green for a sharp contrast? Or take a look at the  Colour Trends for Spring Summer 22 from Crown Paints for more subtle suggestions…

Perfectly Pale

Pale coloured walls must have a good depth of colour, so that the shade looks exactly as it’s supposed to, and that all depends on the depth of pigment used. This is Get Plastered by Dowsing & Reynolds, designed to pair with their handles, hardware, switches and sockets. And equally perfect with patterned tiles for bathrooms and kitchens; it comes in supreme matt emulsion and eggshell finishes.

Porcelain Patterns & Shapes

These scheme embraces all aspects of this month’s Ultimate Combinations theme – shapes, patterns and plains. Plenty of room for individual interpretation here, we can also imagine these tiles with dramatic painted walls in black or dark grey. These are our Grazia Hexagon Decor Wall & Floor Tiles, in plains as well as 20 different patterns in black-brown-maroon-white colours.

A Blue Tone

For a classic blue that will work very well with our Grazia Hexagon tiles (above), consider the deep tones of 908 Hainsworth by Cox & Cox. In matt emulsion or eggshell, it’s suited to all rooms in the home.

Plain Greys

We’re counting our Luken Grey Pre-Scored Wall Tiles as the plain wall element in this stunning bathroom. Paired with Bliss Grey Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles for a striking combination that looks interesting and layered.

Decorative Deco Style

These Luken Arinka Marine Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles have exactly the right amount of colour and pattern to perk up a plain-painted entrance hallway. Once this tile has been chosen, all the other elements of the hall fall into place easily – plain walls and a plain stair runner. These ceramic tiles measure 450mm x 450mm and have pre-scored grout lines to look like four smaller tiles.

Go for Green

This soft shade is a good choice for an Art Deco style home, and pairs well with many of our patterned tiles. No. 910 Ortun by Cox & Cox is available in matt emulsion and eggshell finishes and will add a calming sense of nature to an interior scheme.

Start with the Floor

The basis for a flexible, long-lasting and easy to manage interior scheme is often the floor, especially if it’s in a new home. Choose porcelain tiles for longevity and easy maintenance, and a mixture of colours to allow future variations for wall colours. By picking out a different colour for your next wall painting project, it’s easy to update. These are our Clay Seal ceramic tiles which have the look of traditional encaustic tiles with score lines, and an interesting combination of colours – chestnut brown, pale grey, off white and a darker line of blue grey – with a realistic distressed appearance.

Floor Focus

We’re including another quick mention of Luken White Pre-Scored Wall Tiles as the plain element of your new scheme because these gorgeous white ceramic tiles’ high gloss finish and scored surface pattern warrant a second showing. They can, of course, be used vertically or horizontally. Each tile has the appearance of a 4 x 2 combination. And the patterned element here is, of course, Arinka Marine Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles once again.

A Patterned Panel

Sometimes it’s just enough to include a panel of pattern – it doesn’t have to be the whole wall or floor. The plain element here is Swing Ice, encaustic-style porcelain tiles measuring 203mm x 203mm. The satin finish is just right for a subtle look. And then add some pattern with Swing Blue Decor Night & Day for a blast of geometric genius. Remember, if you need advice regarding quantities and installation, get in touch with our experts via our Contact page and discuss by phone, email or online chat. And if you want to have a look at our tiles in-situ, visit one of our showrooms.


In Super Shape

For that ‘broken edge’ look, it’s a good idea to use shaped tiles. Our hexagonal Kromatika Rosa Wall Tiles have a small format, so they’re a good choice for installation to get a broken/random edge look. Each tile measures 116mm x 101mm so they’re easy to handle. Lots of colours available, including Green, Mint, Grey and White. Why not take a look at the entire range?

Peachy Keen

If you’re searching for some colour inspiration to match your new Tile Mountain purchases, take a look at the YesColours collection. There are lots of energising colours, including this one, Fresh Peach. We think this would look rather fabulous with the blues and greens from our Kromatika range, or the patterned floor tiles Artiz, Nicole, Arink and Diane from the Luken collection.

Will you be combining Shaped & Patterned Tiles & Plain Walls in your next interior redesign project? If so then don’t forget to send us your pictures of your finished projects – share your pics with us over on Twitter tagging @TileMountainUK or on Instagram!

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