Shape Up: Get a Stylish Look with Shaped Tiles

Shaped tiles are massively on-trend right now and so we thought it high time that we brought you our take on how best to use these fast becoming ubiquitous things. Whether you’re covering a whole wall in hexagon tiles or creating a statement panel with visually intriguing fish-scale style tiles, there will be something in the extensive Tile Mountain collection that will spark your imagination! Read on for our style suggestions for shaped tiles (and we’ve even thrown in some co-ordinating vases too!).

Curves & Angles

Get the shaped look with our Scale Boho White Wall & Floor tiles. These can be used with the curves facing upwards, as shown here, or turned ‘upside down’ so the longer curve is on the bottom of the pattern. Or try sideways. Or diagonally! Each section of tile is patterned in itself, so there’s plenty of shape/pattern/colour opportunities here for a creative, stylish look. We think this particular colourway teams well with shades of blue for emphasis.

Fade To Grey

Go for grey with our Scale Boho Grey Wall & Floor tiles – a darker version of the white colourway featured above. Each individual tile measures 307mm x 307mm and has the appearance of nine smaller shaped tiles. There are five different tiles available in each colourway, each with intense patterning. A great choice as a contrast to an expanse of plain flooring, a free-standing bathtub or plain painted walls – perhaps in a matching slate grey or even black as a real statement wall.

Styling Suggestion: The Bloomingville Carsten Vase from Sweetpea & Willow is actually two vases in one – the gold-finish inner is removable. Team with blue-toned tiles and brass or gold finish bathroom or kitchen taps for a very on-trend colour scheme.

Blue Tones

Deep indigo blue works wonderfully for tiles – both ceramic and porcelain – and is a very traditional decorative colours. Our Riga Patchwork Wall & Floor tiles measure 450mm x 450mm and have the appearance of four smaller, differently patterned tiles in one, and there are five possible variants contained within each box. Lay them straight or diagonally to create a very individual look. These matt ceramic tiles have a vintage feel, and a matching plain tile Riga Concrete, means the patterned versions can be used as borders or panels in combination with the plains.

Hi Ho Silver Lining

For a random, shaped, and most of all, interesting tiled surface, try our Hammered Silver Grey Pebble Glass Mosaics. Each measures 300mm x 300mm and fall into the ‘black, grey, silver, and white are neutrals’ box, allowing the rest of the bathroom or kitchen colour scheme to be as adventurous as you like. Consider black or gold fittings, and perhaps leaving the shaped, curved edges visible.

The Story of The Blues

Our Hexagon Blue Mix Decor Wall Tiles have the appearance of fifteen individual hexagonal tiles in one easy to install singular tile. In fact these tiles are rather clever in that each tile measures 510mm x 265mm so would be considerably easier to install than separate smaller hexagonal tiles. Ideal for larger spaces, and thanks to their beautiful shades of blue, would be super-easy to accessorise with accent pieces such as cabinetry, vases, shelves etc in contrasting shades. Those white hexagonal floor tiles are our Apollo Hexagon White floor and wall tiles, also available in black and grey.

Patchwork Style

Another look at our Riga Patchwork Wall & Floor tiles, to demonstrate how they can work in a living space as well as a kitchen or bathroom. The strong diagonal look works brilliantly here too, adding a relaxed, homely feel to an otherwise industrial-looking space!

A Bold Impact

Add interest to plain black tiles by choosing a shape – in this case, the hexagonal Kromatika Black Wall Tile looks rather more intriguing than a plain square or rectangular format. Each tile is 116mm x 101mm, and can be installed to completely fill the space required or configured to give a zig-zag or random edge.

Styling Suggestion: The Charcoal Grey Bubble Vase in glass from Ella James is rather elegant, we love the multiple bubble shapes – a softer, gentler contrast to some of our black and grey shaped tiles!

Black & White Floor Style

Our Appollo Grazia Hexagon Decor Wall & Floor tiles can create amazing patterns, including random formats or more organised ‘flower’ style motifs. In plain black and white as well as 20 intricate surface designs to mix and match, these tiles are definitely a stylish choice. And of course, they can be used with Underfloor Heating – click here for more details.

Straight Up & Down

This simply tiled wall uses our Kromatika White Wall Tiles in a rigid straight up and down format, which looks extremely effective when put together with white bathroom cabinets and dark work surfaces. Top Tip: Try and work out the spacing as accurately as you can – especially when there are wall taps to be installed. For installation advice from our experts, click here or you can also email or call the team via our website contact page here, or pop into one of the showrooms in Stoke, Stockport, or Birmingham.

Styling Suggestion: Stay in the pink with our Kromatika Rosa Wall & Floor tiles, perhaps paired with the Lenja Stoneware vase in Pink, from a selection of indoor and outdoor ceramics and pots from Dobbies

A Closer Look

Take a closer look at our Andalucia Patterned Porcelain Wall & Floor tiles…we love the multitude of colours involved in each individual tile, which makes them a wonderful choice if you want to add further colourful accents to the décor. What about a terracotta coloured floor, or pale blue cabinetry maybe?

Will you be appropriating any of the ideas explored here for your renovation project? If so then don’t forget to send us your pictures of the end result – share your pics with us over on Twitter tagging @TileMountainUK or on Instagram!

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