Fresh New Looks from Tile Mountain

Sometimes we just want to add a touch of colour or simply refresh a bathroom or kitchen, perhaps not necessarily going through the upheaval of a complete make-over. With tiles, it’s perfectly possible to get a brand new look just by re-tiling a single wall or floor. Think about adding a different accent colour – or toning down towards a more neutral shade if you want to make a break away from a strong colour scheme. Here’s a rundown of some of the most recent additions to our tile collections to help you do just that!

A New Green Scheme

Shades of green are very much in favour at the moment, particularly mid-greens (think along the lines of the warmer green shades of indoor plants, rather than acids or brights!). Our Manacor Basil Green tiles, now available in a 100mm x 100mm format, are a good choice for adding a natural element to the bathroom. This shade of green works very well indeed with pale colours like white and ivory, but is strong enough to stand against grey and black, too. These glossy ceramic tiles are also available in a strip format, measuring 400mm x 650mm.

Gorgeous Greys

Our Manacor tiles will also be available in the square format in grey, too. Manacor Mercury Grey  is a very popular shade, suited to kitchens and bathrooms equally, and it’s perfect for adding a laid-back element of colour to a calm and peaceful scheme. Mercury Grey has enough colour to act as a contrast, whilst not dominating a colour scheme. As previously mentioned, also available in the rectangular strip format, measuring 400mm x 650mm. Oh, and the technical term (!) for the beautifully intense and glossy glaze on this collection is ‘puddle glaze’. Who knew …

Minty Fresh

The Manacor range will soon have the addition of a new colour, as shown here, Manacor Mint in 100mm x 100mm format. It’s a perfect pastel green, again with that delicious glossy puddle glaze.

A Touch of Blush

Take a closer look at what could end up being the perfect pink for a new bathroom scheme. Manacor Blush Pink will also join the 100mm x 100mm format, why not consider a mixed colour scheme with Blush Pink, Mint and White to build a fresh, fun wall scheme?

Clean, White and Bright

Manacor White is a great choice if you want to keep the scheme simple and straightforward – after all, white goes with everything, especially in a kitchen. This is a ‘cool’ white that will work very well with warmer shades and textures, such as timber or stone-look tiles for the flooring. This all-white kitchen has it spot-on thought, showing off Manacor White in the new 100mm x 100mm format.

Circular Squares

The Nicole Aqua Patterned Wall & Floor Tile is from the very recently introduced Luken collection, each tile measures 450mm x 450mm and has a clever scored pattern to create the look of four smaller tiles. So, they’re easy to lay, giving the impression of lots of smaller tiles – but with a little less effort! These ceramic tiles have an Art Deco influence but work beautifully in both contemporary and traditional homes.

Majestic Marble Looks

Our Illusion Sand Polished Wall & Floor Tiles proved so popular when they were introduced that they sold out rather quickly! Don’t worry though, we’re expecting deliveries very soon. These tiles are designed to replicate real marble, with beautifully subtle colourings that include shades from cream and beige to taupes and greys. They’re large format, each tile measures 1200mm x 600mm, so they can create an almost seamless finish in a small bathroom or cloakroom, but work equally well in larger spaces.

Smooth & Textured Style

Choosing matching wall and floor tiles and then mixing it up just slightly by adding a bit of texture is a great design solution, adding interest without too many changes of direction. Our Towns Taupe Beige Porcelain Wall & Floor tiles are available as a plain option, and there is also a décor tile as well, which has horizontal lines embossed into the surface. Or vertical of course, depending on which way up the tiles are installed! These porcelain tiles are a very convincing replica of natural stone, but far easier to install and maintain.

Warmer Outdoor Shades

Our new Onea Natural Stone Effect Porcelain Slabs are a warm, beige shade, which looks very much at home in a traditional country garden setting. They also have a high anti-slip rating, R11, and a matt finish, which means they look very realistic indeed, capturing the essence of country-style stone in a traditional garden. Perfect for anyone looking for a very classic style of slab for their new terrace.

Do tell us about your latest projects … especially if they involve any of our latest designs. Hit us up on Twitter @TileMountainUK or on Instagram, @tilemountainuk – we look forward to seeing your photos!

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