How to Use Colourful Tiles In Your Bathroom

With the growing trend for using more colour in our homes, we may still be resistant to using something other than white tiles in our bathrooms. Perhaps it is a fear of growing tired of the colour after a while or the fact that neutral schemes do better at resale but if you are planning on staying in your home for a while, then why not embrace a bit of colour in the smallest room in the house?

The truth is, there are always colours out there that we may be attracted to simply because it’s a bit trendy. But the biggest secret to using colour in your home is always to use those that you love the most. If you check your wardrobe, for example, you may realise that you wear certain colours over and over – not because they are trendy but because they appeal to you, because they make you feel good, because they give you a certain ‘glow’. And the same approach should be used in any space in your home, including your bathroom.

grey toned colours in bathroom

Trends may come and go but the colours you are drawn to will have much more lasting impact and so use these colours as a springboard to designing your next bathroom project. White is always a fine choice for bathroom tiles, but why not mix things up combining them with a beautiful shade, tone or pattern to compliment your personal style?

skyros white pattern wall and floor tiles

If you have an older home, then vintage style metro tiles are always a great idea but here, the deep green is a classic colour used widely in Victorian design. It’s a look that won’t quickly age and combined with a wonderful array of houseplants, looks up to date as well.

dark green tiles bathroom

For another twist on green, in a more contemporary property, an iridescent tile sets off a statement freestanding tub, creating wow-factor. This kind of effect simply wouldn’t be as striking if they’d used plain white tiles, wouldn’t you agree? Check out our Hammered Green Glass Mosaic mix tiles for a similar look.

green mosaic tiles with free standing tub

Grey is a modern day classic and marries well with nearly any other shade. Here, grey metro tiles are set off perfectly against wood effect flooring. Combine our dark grey metro tiles with our wood effect porcelain floor tiles to recreate this stunning bathroom look.

grey bathroom with wood effect flooring

Paler shades will create a sanctuary effect for a bathroom and with blush pink used heavily in the 50s, it’s also a bit of a classic. Here, it’s combined with vintage touches and wood finishes to ground it and create a bathroom that is easy to live with. Our cream metro wall tile will provide a similar calming effect for a twist on standard white tiles.

blush pink bathroom with vintage accents

Reminiscent of a calm sea, the paler blue shades will also add a bit of interest to any bathroom scheme. Here, it’s combined with marble tiles and black herringbone floors in a stunning combination. Try any one of our blue metro tiles along with our Calacatta Marble effect tiles to create a similar look.

blue and marble tile bathroom

So as you can see, in every one of our examples today, colour has been used successfully in creating a bathroom that has personality as well as great style. Will you be using a coloured tile in your next bathroom project? Check out our full range of tiles on Tile Mountain and be sure to take advantage of our free sample service to help you choose the colour that’s right for you.

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