Why You Should Probably Use Plants in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms, by their utilitarian nature, can sometimes appear a bit cold or stark, especially if you’ve opted for bright white tiles or kept things fairly neutral. However, if you fancy adding a punch of colour, why not go au natural with greenery? While one of the biggest trends of the year is the rise of the houseplant as the must-have accessory for your home, there’s no need for the bathroom to miss out on the action.

Can a plant really thrive in a low-light, high humidity area? Absolutely. When you realise that most plants’ natural habitat is the jungle, you’ll see that there are plenty of house plants that will be very happy in the smallest room of the house. If you’re looking for some ideas on adding plants to your bathroom, you’ll love these tips and inspirational snippets!

Freestanding Feature

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful freestanding tub then why not make a feature of it by surrounding it with greenery? The ultimate spa experience, greenery will naturally purify the air whilst you wash away the stresses of the day. Leafy Dracaenas as seen above are one of the easiest to care for plants too as they don’t require huge amounts of sunlight to thrive, making them perfect for your bathroom.

Lone Star

If you find you have an empty corner in your bathroom, consider bringing in a large leafy number for a single burst of greenery in your space. We love how Jenny Komenda’s Fiddle Leaf Fig plant creates so much organic texture and colour against the dark blue wainscoting and feature wallpaper. Whoever said ‘blue and green should never be seen’ clearly had it all wrong.

Inside Out


The Pamper Station

No true oasis that is the pampering bath session really can be complete without some gorgeous greenery so large leafy palms with their love of warm humid spots will adore your bathroom setting. Set the larger plants at the corners of the room but bring in some smaller plants in tiny pots to contrast and add additional interest.

Sills and Sides

It may seem an obvious choice but if you have some window sills in your bathroom, a few plants will add some depth to your bathroom design. In my own tiny bathroom (seen above), I’ve splashed a few plants on the sill as well as the sides of the bathtub and a small table gets a punch of greenery with a little potted number. Even in the smallest bathrooms, there’s always room for a few plants!

Shelve It

And finally, if there isn’t much floor space for your plants, why not follow the lead of Alea Joy of Solabee Flowersย who uses simple wood shelves piled with trailing plants to create a jungle-inspired bathroom. While there may not be enough room for a freestanding unit, these wood shelves do the job brilliantly plus they add additional storage and natural texture – a winning combination all around.

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As a multi-award winning interior design content creator, Kimberly Duran is an Interior Design-obsessed American ex-pat, who chronicles her decorating journey and dispenses interior design advice in her personal blog, Swoon Worthy. When she’s not helplessly drooling over all the latest trends in design, she’s adding things to the imaginary ‘shopping basket’ in her head, she likes to get messy tackling DIY projects with her partner in crime, Wayne, stalking eBay for vintage bargains and filling her home with her favourite neutral – gold.