New Video: Portico Outdoor Tiles

Whilst it looks like the sun might have retreated for a little break this past few days there promises to be a few more scorchers left this summer, meaning that there’s never been a better time to give your exteriors and patios a refresh.

If it is that you’re considering an outdoor overhaul and are quibbling over what type of floor covering to plump for, take a quick look at this here video in which our Dean tells you all about the virtues of our fantastic Portico range of 18-20mm thick outdoor slab tiles.

All possible questions are answered and you even get a brief glimpse of the naked torso of a man who really should start looking after himself a bit better. Once you’ve gotten over the shock/excitement [delete as applicable] of that, you can click the cards in the video to shop the Portico range and find out more about how to install slab tiles without the need for adhesive and grout – what more could you want?

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Here at Tile Mountain, we not only have a huge range of tiles to suit every purpose, we also have a wealth of tiling knowledge gained from over 30 years in the tile industry, (which we’ll do or best to share with you across these very pages).

Whether you’re looking for the perfect tiles for your next home improvement project, are searching for some style inspiration, or simply need a bit of help and advice, you’re in the right place.