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Outstanding Outdoor Tiles

Whether you’re soaking up the sun with family and friends, cooking up some delicious food on the BBQ or simply enjoying an alfresco-style coffee in the morning, our outdoor tiles are a great way to unlock your garden’s full potential.

What tiles are best for outdoor use?

There are many benefits to choosing porcelain paving slabs over traditional outdoor materials like concrete or decking. Traditional concrete slabs are renowned for absorbing dirt and moisture, whereas porcelain is a non-porous material, making our exterior tiles naturally stain-resistant and easy to clean. Strong and hard-wearing, these extremely durable outdoor tiles will last for years to come whilst still maintaining their original character and charm, and their low porosity also makes them resistant to the growth of unattractive moss or mould!

What size do outdoor tiles come in?

Looking for a seamless look? Our large-format external tiles have got you covered. Perfect for emulating a spacious feel to your exterior design, our paving slabs are stylish and functional; some of our porcelain slabs can even be used both indoors and out to create an effortless, transitional look. If you're looking for a natural appearance, then our wood effect and stone effect patio tiles are a perfect choice. Our wood effect porcelain tiles feature lifelike knots and grains for an authentic appearance, and you can rest assured that their naturalistic beauty will remain for years to come with the durability and longevity of porcelain floor tiles. They’re unaffected by changes in the temperature so they will not expand or contract, and their surface won’t fade or change in colour when up against the British weather. Natural beauty also lends itself to our white porcelain tiles with their marble or stone effect designs and stunning pale hue.

Looking to do some DIY? Check out our handy guide on Which Adhesive & Grout To Use With Outdoor Tiles.