Five Reasons Why Tiles Are Better Than Decking

When planning for your garden design, one of the first questions you may be faced is what material to use for your outside seating and lounging areas. Whilst decking is always a popular choice, more and more homeowners are realising that whilst the upfront costs are cheaper when choosing wood, over the long term, tiles are actually a much better and longer-lasting option.

So, if you’re contemplating an outdoor project, we’ve outlined some of the factors that should come into your decision and highlight why in the battle of patio materials, tiles are a much better choice.


A deck may seem a better budget option but over the lifespan of the deck, you’ll find that tiles actually come in cheaper. Even pressure-treated wood is susceptible to the elements and you may find that even after just five or so years, you’ll have areas where rot or splintering has ruined its initial good looks. Even without that, the softer materials used for decking are more prone to scratching, denting and scuffing. Ultimately, this means your decking will need to be replaced much more often. Outdoor tiles offer  longer-lasting solution and ones that have been installed properly can last a good 20 years or more. They also require much less maintenance as we’ll find out…


We all know that in our rainy climate, moss has a tendency to grow on our outdoor surfaces. On wood, this creates an incredibly slippery surface and is difficult to remove without a lot of hard work. Outdoor tiles have an HD anti-slip finish that makes them perfect for exterior use. Even during the wettest seasons, tiles will remain easier to walk on without the requirement of constant upkeep to keep the moss at bay. In winter months, tiles will not absorb water so frost or harsh weather conditions will have no effect on its practicality. We can’t say the same about decking.

Easier to Keep Clean

Speaking of upkeep, tiles win out again over decking. While decking has a tendency to go dull and grey in a few short summer months, tiles maintain their good looks for many years. Impervious to staining, bleaching and warping, a simple mop on a regular basis and an annual clean with tile cleaner is all you need for it to be looking good as new year after year.

A Lifetime of Looking Good

When wood is exposed to extremes in temperature or the hot sun, it has a tendency to fade into a dull and lifeless grey. Staining your decking will give it back some of its life but doing that then becomes a never-ending annual chore required to keep it looking good. Outdoor tiles will not scratch, stain, fade or mark in the same way and so you can enjoy the look of your tiles for many years to come without the upkeep.

Wide Choice of Options

Decking can be found in quite a few colours and different kinds of woods, but there is a limit on what you can do to really personalise it. With so many outdoor tile colours, styles and shapes on the market, the only limit to your outdoor tile design is your imagination.

While there are plenty of materials on the market for your outdoor project, we think after this post, you’ll be convinced that tiles are really the best and only solution for your needs. However, if you are unsure which tiles to use, why not try our free cut tile sample service to help you decide?


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