Introducing Portico: A New Collection of Indoor to Outdoor Slab Tiles

Our new Portico collection launched this week and heralded the first time that Tile Mountain has stocked large format indoor to outdoor slab tiles. Available to purchase on our website right now, Portico products are ideal for those looking to fashion their very own outdoor haven, and given that this weekend is set to see the sun returning to British skies there’s no better time to get laying!

Specially created for those seeking to instil a consistent design language from interiors to exteriors, Portico includes an extensive selection of products spanning sand-based flagstone effect right through to plank-like tiles authentically replicating aged timber. Read on to find out a little more about each of the products included within the Portico collection:


A long-standing staple of our large format tile roster, Bluenorte has been incorporated into the Portico range not only due to its size but also because of its versatility. Available in a 10mm thick indoor variant as well as a 20mm thick frost proof outdoor slab, this range of stone effect tiles is perfect for those wanting to extend their interior design language to exteriors. Bluenorte is particularly apt for parking areas given its contemporary grey hue with blue tint and looks great when extended out from garages to driveways. Prices start from £42.99 per sqm. Shop Bluenorte

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Another old stager that has been inducted into the Portico ranks, Morvan has consistently been a best seller here at Tile Mountain thanks to its hardy nature and admirable reproduction of the light and airy aesthetics of natural stone. Much like its blue-tinted brother, Bluenorte, Morvan comes as both a 10mm thick indoor tile and 20mm thick outdoor tile, making it great for creating a continuous aesthetic from indoors to out. Morvan is especially apt for use in open-span verandas and multi-use areas (such as alfresco dining spaces) due to its frost-proof and moss-resistant qualities. Prices start from £42.99 per sqm. Shop Morvan


New for summer 2017, Livermore is a welcome addition to the Portico collection and offers an authentic replication of greystone slabs in a convenient 610mm x 610mm format. Just the ticket for large, expansive outdoor multi-use areas, these durable tiles feature a textured surface design and have a slip rating of R11, meaning that they’re ideal for verandas, walkways, and even swimming pool surrounds. As with all the products grouped under the Portico marque, no post-installation sealing is required and because of these tiles’ large format, fewer tiles are required and fewer grout lines will result. Prices start from £39.99. Shop Livermore


An exquisite range that really turns the notion of a ‘slab’ tile on its head, the striking Icon range brings the characterful aesthetics of aged timber to a product that won’t succumb to the elements like real wood would. A brilliant alternative to decking and other outdoor wooden flooring, Icon is primed to take centre stage in your garden and can be used to create eye-catching, durable installations that require very little post-installation maintenance. The great thing about these startlingly realistic planks is that they look equally brilliant regardless of whether they’re installed next to each other to create a continuous floor, or are punctuated with gravel infills to produce a ‘stepping stone’ effect patio. Prices start from £52.99 per sqm. Shop Icon


Out-of-this-world name, out-of-this-world aesthetics. Luna is another remarkable range that draws on traditional sand-based paving slabs for its inspiration, takes all of the qualities associated with those dapper slabs, removes the bad bits like a penchant for water absorption, and bundles the lot up into a collection of exquisite tiles. available in three colour variants – Mid Grey, Copper, and Ash – these 600 x 600 slabs of wonder make a great statement when used in gardens and as an alternative to paving slabs. Use to create a continuous flow from conservatories out onto verandas or balconies of combine different colourways for emphasis. Prices start from £29.99 per sqm. Shop Luna


Representing the pinnacle of understated alfresco elegance is Axis, a subtle yet head-turning range of large format in a fetching light hue perfect for creating a sun-dappled courtyard or sun-trap balcony. Massive in both size and character, these stylish 610mm x610mm slab tiles realistically replicate whitewashed limestone flagstones and really resonate with Mediterranean vibes. At 20mm thick, Axis is well placed to stand up to the rigours of heavy foot traffic, not to mention exposure to the elements. Thanks to their durable porcelain construction, Axis is also incredibly easy to look after, meaning that cleaning any marks from their pastel-colured surface requires little more than a quick wipe with a soapy sponge. Prices start from £39.99 per sqm. Shop Axis


Artisan style with a modern twist is the order of the day with Dakota, another range of large format tiles with slight rustic overtones and supreme functionality at their very core. Available in two colour variants – light grey and dark grey – and featuring a riven surface, these tiles are exactly what you need if creating an outdoor area that can stand up to the rigours of everyday usage without sacrificing on the aesthetics. As with the majority of Portico tiles, Dakota measure in at 600mm x 600mm, making them great for expansive flat surfaces in which you want to instil consistency of design. We particularly like to see these tiles deployed as borderes to other lighter textured outdoor tiles or used as pathways and flanked by materials such as glass or slate chips. Prices start from £29.99 per sqm. Shop Dakota


Bolstering the stable of 600 x 600 slab tiles is Surface Outdoor, available in three soft colourways and exuding a subtle elegance. Contemporary concrete effect aesthetics are in abundance with these light-hued slab tiles, meaning that they’re not too overbearing but a still slaked with a splash of panache. These tiles are particularly apt for creating driveways or extending a conservatory floor out onto a veranda or outdoor dining area. Offset with a few planters brimming with greenery for that LA poolside vibe or use to create a courtyard scene replete with raised decking areas. Prices start from £34.99 per sqm. Shop Surface Outdoor

Beton Soft

Beton Soft is another product that offers the calm, rustic tones of natural stone but dispenses with all that troublesome stuff such as post-installation sealing and other associated maintenance. Great for walkways and large expansive outdoor flooring, these tiles effortlessly instil a continuous aesthetic into whichever surrounds they are installed in – they look especially appealing when used as roof terrace flooring as their light hue makes smaller spaces appear larger and thanks to their light hue, look great when bathed in natural light. Prices start from £29.99 per sqm. Shop Beton


Natural stone replication is the order of the day with Enstone (the clue is in the name!) sand what an absolutely fantastic job these tiles make of it too. Available in two colour variants – anthracite and grey – these big strapping boys are primed for use in courtyards, driveways, and even garages. The riven surface texture ensures that they offer top performance even in wet weather and thanks to their durable through-bodied construction they’re rather hardy souls (do tiles have souls? – Ed) and can withstand even the most extreme of weather conditions. Team with exposed brick planters for stark contrasts or adorn with pallet furniture for that Williamsburg roof terrace vibe. Prices start from £29.99 per sqm. Shop Enstone


Install these exquisite reproductions of clay-based paving flags in your garden and be instantly transported to Las Ramblas. Not literally, these tile don’t have teleportation powers (the buying team are currently looking to source some products that do though – Tile Mountain; ahead of the game) but they are evocative of the type of surface you’d find beneath your feet in places like Lisbon, Barcelona, Casablanca and Monaco. Like all Portico products, these tiles are constructed from durable porcelain and are created using the very latest in HD inkjet printing technology, meaning that they faithfully reproduce the natural stone flagstones on which they’re based. Rectified edges make for cleaner grout lines should you wish to create a floor using them and also enable sharp, tidy lines when installed singularly in a gravel bed or on top of turf. Prices start from £29.99 per sqm. Shop Nexus

After reading all that we think you’ll agree that the premium large format tiles included under the Portico umbrella means that extending your interior style to outdoor areas with ease and creating an outdoor area dripping with contemporary style has never been simpler. If you’d like to see just how easy it is to install outdoor slab tiles or just want a few pointers on what tools and materials you’ll need, click the button below to download our handy Large Format Porcelain Outdoor Tile Installation Guide.